Plot Edit

After BreAking Koraggs Spell Leanbow Comes To TYhe Team While Nercile Asambles The10 Terrors To Defeat The Power Rangers While Nick Gains A Battleizer

Transcript Edit

Master Koragg Imperious & Morticon r All Gone No One CaN defeat Myustic Rangers

Nec Expect Me Theres A Book Here Master

Master What The 10 Terrors Ahhh I See They r Powerful Warriors Summon them

Nec Noi I Have To Get them

Master Go And If U Fail U Smell My Feet Goodbye Rangers its time for U To Suffer The Power Of My Wrath MAWAWAWAWAWAAWAWAWA

Leanbow Yes That Story

(11 Mounths Ago)

Master Ahhh Leanbow Die

Leanboqw No


Koragg MAWAWAWAWA Im At Serves To U


Leanbow The master Is Powerful


Sculpin Magma Ur Foolish

Magma Yes I Am

Sculpin Black Lance Hows

Nec Guys My master has Sent Me Here For A Alliance

Matoombo Go Away We Dont Want U

Nec No U Must

Sculpin Il Strike U Fool Down

Nec No Please

Master EonghThe Power Rangers Have Destroyed All My Warriors they r Faggots

Nec Yea See

Magma Yea And y Should We Belive U


Magma Yea Master Of Poo

Sculpin Quiet Magma I Think Its Time To Introdonce Us To The Rangers MAWAWAWAWAWAWAWA

Nick Um So...Yea


Sculpin What Fools

Nick A Attack Who The Fuck r U

Sculpin Well Well Well I Think It Seems Ur A Useless Ranger I hear Ur th power Rangers

Magma Il Smash Em


Nick Ugh Common u 5 Lets Do It

(The 6 Morph)

Leanbow Wtf

Sculpin Magma Destroyu Em

Nick Im After U

Magma Not So Fast


Nick Ugh

Undonna Nick Ive Been Working on A Spell Summon Ur Battleizer

Nick What


Nick Summon Battleizer

Sculpin What Lets Go U 9 Leave that Moron Fighting The Rangers

Nick Now Whos In Trouble

Chip Cannon


Magma Weak

Nick This Isnt Power Strike


Master What A Battleizer He Gets What a fool Light Redam


Magma Now Its Time

Leanbow Ok Now Mystic Power Knightr Megazotrd

Daggreon Knight Megazord

Nick Titan Megazord

Magma Fools


Nick Ugh

Master Yes the Fall Of the Rangers

Magma So It Seems Its Really Hot In Here Rangers

Daggreon Commbo

Leanbow Holly Shit

Magma What

Leanbow Fire Strike


Sculpin 1 Of My Terrors r Defeated Master

Master Yes I Know But Now That We Know Its Time To Destroy The Rangers MAWAWAWAWAWAWAWA

Sculpion U Better Be Sure

Nec Yes Soon The Rangers Will Fall

Undonna So Now Weve Got A Challange on our Hands The 10 Terrors

Nick Yes We'll Defeat them

The End

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Season {{{season}}}, Episode {{{number}}}
Sculpin & Black Lance
Air date 28 Nov 2006
Written by User:Ben10fan3/User:Brywarrior
Directed by User:Ghosthant 54
Episode Guide
Imperious's Words
A Terror To Get Rid Of

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