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Savro Tells The Rangers A Lie About There Being A Acient Staue While Roponic Kiddnappes Him

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(In The Base Roponic Is Looking Up The Rangers Weapons)

Roponic Yes This Weapon Sytem Is Good Soon Il Give This Data To My Master

Savro Roponic What Are You Doing

Roponic None Of Your Bussness

Savro Wow Thats Unsal

Roponic Yes It Is

(In The PS)

Porexx That Plan Was A Fail Toxic Warrior

Toxicer Yes Sir

Porexx Posion All The Humans In The City Ther Peaces Of Trash Soon This City Will Belong To Me

Strome Yes Aggred Sir

(In The Base Roponic Has Compleated Getting All The Data From The Computer)

Roponic Fools Now Ther Doomed

Brad Hey Savro That Star Weapon Would Of Been Good To Use

Savro Well Its Your Fault You Broke It

Brad Yeah k

(Roponic Goes Into A Secret Room)

Roponic Hello Porexx I Have The Rangers Weapon Data

Porexx Goodjob My Robot

Savro Roponic Where Are You Rangers (Rushs To Computer) A Attack

Brad Were On It

(The 7 Arrive)

Bon Whats Going On Here

Toxicer Oh Nothing Ther Just Posion Now

Bon Well I Have Something To Say About That Super Silver Siolver Blade



Toxicer Ugh Take This (Breathes On Him Bon Unmorphs)

Bon Ugh Thats....Posion

Toxicer You Want Some

Calvin Yeah

Toxicer Ok Il Give It To You (Breathes But No Gas Comes Out) Ugh Im Out But Il Be Back To Destroy You All (Retreats)

(In The Planet Ship)

Porexx You Got 1 Ranger Out Of 7 Fool (Pushs Him)

Toxicer My Gas Ran out Im Sorry

Porexx Then Recharge Your Gas If You Know Whats Good For You Roponic Hows This Data Going Soon Il Have My Own Megazord

Roponic Of Corse Sirrer

Bon Ugh.....Im Nearly Gone Rangers You Must.....

Savro Rangers Theres A Staue You Must Get It Its Acient

Brad Where Is It

Savro & Bon Fort Knox

Brad Not That Place Again

Savro Go Rangers

Roponic Wow Whats Happend To Him

Savro He Got Toxiced

Roponic Oh (Whispers) Yes A Part Of My Masters Plan

(In Fort Knox)

Brad Theres No Staue Here

Strome But Theres Me Yes Rangers Roponic Is Under Porexxs Contral The Other Day When Polefactor Shot Him He Turned Evil And Weve Got Nearly All Of Your Zord Data Soon The Whole Universe Will Bal Down To Porexxs Feet

Brad I Dont Think So Red Hostige Power Super Red Hostige Power

Jim Lets Take Him Out

Strome Oh Stream Upgraded Minuns Destroy Em

Savro Roponic We Need To-

Roponic Yes We Do


Brad Super Hostige Kick



Strome Ther Weak But Im Not

Brad Oh Yes You Are S.O.P Mode Eltrick Cannon Fire



Strome Curse You (Retreats)

Calvin Theres No Staue

Brad Weve Been Tricked

Toxicer Yes Rangers By Me (Locks All The Doors And Gas Starts To Come In The Room) Now Your Toxiced

Brad Oh No

Toxicer Any Last Words

Brad Yeah One Your The One Whos Toxic S.O.P Blaster



Toxicer What Impossable

Brad Lets Get Him

(Toxicer Runs Out Of The Bilding And The 6 Rangers Stop Him)

Brad Ok Now Your Going Down

Toxicer No Never



Brad S.O.P Cannon Battreys In Fire



Porexx No Toxicer Is Gone Stage Beem

Toxicer Im Back

Bon Ugh Yes So Am I Thanks Savro Huh Savro


Roponic Hello Savro Remember Porexxs Polefactor Warrior Shot Me Now Il Be Evil Forever

Brad Super Hostige Charge Megazord

Toxicer Feel The Stench

Brad Ugh No Its 2 Powerful Fog Cloud




Toxicer What

Brad Now Lets Make This Quick Hostige Super Speed Charge Blast




Toxicer Curse You Rangers-




Bon Brad Savros Gone So Is Roponic

Brad Huh What Lets Go Find Em

(In The Ship)

Porexx Laughs The Data Is Mine Strome Start Making My Megazord So I Can Trash THe Rangers Preshes City

Strome Yes Master Right Away

(In The Secret Room)

Roponic Now Il Finsh You

Savro Oh No

Bon I Dont Think So Roponic How Could You Do This

Roponic Because You Guys Suck

Bon Super Silver

Savro Wait Bon Hes Got Something On His Back (Takes The Thing Off Of His Back)

Roponic Huh Where Was I I Was Where

Bon You Were Mindcontraled

(Later In The Base)

Savro Rangers This Is Bad News Porexx Has Our Weapon & Zord Data Now We Need To Do Something

Brad Its All Polefactors Fault

Savro Yes It Is The Planet Villians Will Use Our Data To Destroy Us So We Gotta Be Caufel

The End

A Acient Lie
Season 2, Episode 50
Strome and The 2 Rangers
Air date 26 April 2017
Written by William Fouracres & Kevin Hopps
Directed by James Barr
Episode Guide
A Unprogramed Star
Immortol Power

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