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Tyler Turns Into A Clown And Bees A Idiot While The Auqa Ranger Has A Duel With Fury After Hes Ambushed By Him

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Air date 12 March 2016
Written by User:Swap29


Directed by User:Stranger26
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The Labor Girlfriend
James Story


(In The Dino Cafe Heckel Is Wallking To The Dishers He Does Em)

Tyler Oh Fuck We Gotta Introter

Heckel No Im Heckel

Tyler Nickle

Heckel Ugh

(In Snides Ship)

Fury Where tf Is Snide Hes Being A Boner Latley

Singe No Your The One Whos Being A Big Dick Latley

Fury Fuck You

(Singe Burns Fury)


Fury Ugh....Shit Im On Fire (Runs Down The Hallway)

Singe Now Clownster Get Me The Red Energem

Clownster Yes Sir

(In The Dino Base)

Keeper Guys We Need To Go After The Auqa Energem

Tyler Aggred Befor John Cena Gets It

Keeper Why tf Would John Cena Get A Energem His A Wesler

Tyler I Dunno

(In The Froset)

Auqa Ranger Ah..Ah...Ah

Fury Supprise

Auqa Ranger Vermon

Fury Where

Auqa Ranger There

Fury Oh So Your Calling Me A Vermon Allow Me (Absorbs Him He Unmorphs Reviling To Be James Tylers Dad)

(In The Dino Base Keeper Smokes)

Keeper So Where Going To Have To Go Undercover

Tyler What For

Kendall Guys Ive Found A Auqa Ranger

Tyler Thats My Dad

Ivan Yes The Guy You Mestaked Me For

Tyler What I Mestaked You For My Dad Anyways Lets Go

(The 6 Run To The Area)

Fury You Fool

James Im Not The Imbersill Thats Attacking The Power Rangers

Tyler Hey Where Here

James Back Off Scum Im Going To Cut This Warrior Up

Singe Ugh What Another Ranger

Snide What Are You Doing You Spastick Vermon

Singe Nothing My Sirrer

Snide Your A Peace Of Shit You Know That

Singe Yes Boss

Fury Uh Oh

Clownster Haha Anyone Wants To Join The Party

Tyler No

Clownster Ha


Tyler Oh Shit Im A Mother Fucking Clown Im Going To Do Hump Ups

(Tyler Does Hump Ups Meainng Push Ups But Humping)

James Son I Taught You Better Than This

Tyler Did Ya

Fury Im Leaving (Retreats)

Clownster Now Il Shoot More Rangers




Kendall I Dont Think So

Clownster Oh So 9 Of You Fuckers Think You Have The Power To Face Me

Tyler Yeah We Do Dino Charger 1

Shelby Dino Charger 2

Chase Dino Charger 3

Riley Dino Charger 4

Koda Dino Charger 5

Ivan Dino Charger 6

Kendall Dino Charger 8

James Dino Charger 9

(The 9 Morph)

James Tyler Lets Finsh This Doosh Together

Tyler Aggred Dino Charger 88 Dino Max Mode Dino Max Blast



Clownster Ugh...Curse You Rangers

Ivan Shut Your Dick Up

James Yes Aggred Dino Charger 21 Dino Ultra Mode Strike




Snide Ahh Singe Your Clown Warrior Failed So You Can Pay For This Go

Singe Yes

Tyler Ha We Crashed Him

Singe Ahhh Yes You Did But Can You Crash Me

James Oh Fuck

Singe Candle Blast






(The 8 Unmorph)

Singe Fools

(Singe Leaves Clownster Grows)

James Oh Shit Hes Hudge

Keeper James Heres The Auqa Zord

James Thanks Keeper

Keeper np

James Guys Il Handle This Auqa Zord Auqa Spikes

Clownster You Were Missing For 10 Fucking Years You Cant Defeat Me Old Man

James YUS I CAN Auqa Charge


Clownster Ugh-


Singe They Were Weak

Snide Yes But That Auqa Pest Has Got A Zord You Fool

Singe Im Going For A Nap

Fury Ugh This Room Smells Like Poo & Vomit

Singe Having Fun In There Fury You Need A Shower Cause You Smell Like Verble Dyrea

Fury You Better Watch Your Back You Fucking Tool OtherWise The Mess Will Be On YOU

Singe Heh Whatever

James Im Sorry Rangers I Was Away For So Long Me & Rusty Again Were Exploing The Cave Of Sultaners

Tyler Oh No

(10 Years Ago)

James Rusty This Cave Isnt Safe

Rusty Aggred




Fury Hello Fools

Rusty Who Are You Vile Creture

Fury Im Fury And Im Boss

Rusty I Dont Think So Pussy (Runs Up But Is Shot By Fury)

Fury You Will Be Next Old Man

James No (Sees The Auqa Energem And Bonds With It Goes Dino Ex Mode And Strikes Fury He Escapes)

Fury Fucking Cunt

(Fury Goes Outside And James Is Gone)



Keeper Were Glad To Have You Back James

Kendall Theres Only 1 More Energem To Be Found

Tyler The Silver Energem

Keeper Yes Then Our Mission Is Complete

The End

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