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The 5th Rino Jungle Fury Morpher Is Found By Camlie She Gives It To Dai Shi RJ Spys On Camlie Getting It And Calls Dommnick Back

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Grizzaka U Shado2w Gards r Weak And IUseless Somebetter Destroy The Rangers Otr I Will Destroy them

Cairnsaw Yes Master We Will We Just Need More Time

Grizzaka Well I Havent Got Much Time Left

Cairnsaw Yes Sir Shadow Gartds Get the Morpher Or I Will Destroy u If U See Dai Shi Destroy him

Shadow Gard 1 Yes As U Wish

Casey Saber Reddy RJ

RJ Yes I Am Blaster




Casey Ugh

RJ See Ur not Reddy

Casey Fine Whateves

Shadow 1 Yes I Can Sence The Morpher4 What Fools

Casey Were Here

Shadow 1 Power Punks I Have Got A Message To U From Grizzaka Big Form (Grows Big) Now Look

Casey Jungle Megazord saber


Shadow 1 I Will Have My Revenge

Casey Ur Fucked Saber Strike


Shadow 2 Yes Il Handle That Ranger

Casey Drill Arm Strike


Shadow 2 No-


casey Yes

Jellica What Wherewas Dai Shi Things Seem A Bit Quiet Here

Jarrad/dai Shi The Morphers Up On The Hill

Shadow 1 Yes It Is And Ur Not Getting It Prepper To Meet Ur End

Jarrad/dai Shi Really Ha


Jarrad/Dai Shi Yes The Morpher Ya (Gets it)

RJ Shit This Is Bad

(The 4 Rangers Return toi Base)

RJ The Rino Morpher Has Been Found

Cairnsaw The Shadow Gard Was Destroyed By Dai Shi My Lord

Grizzaka That Means The Morpher Is In His Hands Useless Fools

JellicA We Must Send A Warrior

Grizzaka Rattop Destroy The Rangers

Rattop Yes I Will

Casey Cycle Mode Nothings Here

Rattop Ha


Casey Ugh

Rattop Times Up Rangers

Casey Cannon


Rattop Pathetic


(The 4 Unmorph Smokes Around)

Rattop Now Its Time To Die

Casey Saber


Rattop No-


Rattop Hahaha I Will destroy (Grows) U Fuckers

Casey Jungle Megazord Drill Mode


Rattop No-


Casey Yes Finaly

Grizzaka Cairnsaw That Warrior Was Weak as Hell

Cairnsaw Yes Aggred And The Presseion Of That Was Yes

Grizzaka Yes U Failer

Cairnsaw Rattop Has Returned All Reddy And Upgraded

Rattop Time To Crash Them Rangers

RJ Dommnick U Need To Come back

Dommnick Yes Aggred So Whatts My Frist Plan

Rattop Rangers Im Back

RJ Were Here

Rattop Take this


(Fires All Around)

RJ Saber

Rattop Im Stronger Than Last Time


(RJ Unmorphs)

Dommnick Hey Rattop

Rattop Ahhh The White Jungle ury Ranger Il Destroy u

Dommnick No White Power Saber


Rattop U Think Ur Strong Ur Weak As Hell


Rattop Suffer


(The 5 Unmorph)

Dommnick No Again White Power White Strike


Grizzaka Weak Little Warriotr Big Form

Rattop Gess What Mamas Back Sexy Lady

Casey His Mine Jungle Megazord Drill Arm


Rattop Weak And Useless

Casey Thats It Striker


Rattop My Revenge

Casey No Never

Rattop Strike


(The megazord Falls Down And Casey Falls Out And Unmorphs)

Rattop U Are Still Weak


Dommnick Its My Turn Rino Megazord

Rattop Yes Il Destroy The Red Ranger

Dommnick No U Wont Saber


Rattop Ugh U Will Pay Il Destroy U Next

Dommnick Spiners

Rattop Spin This

Dommnick Ha



Rattop y Me-


Grizzaka Useless Cairnsaw Ur Warrior Was Weak As Hell

Cairnsaw Yes Agg4red

Grizzaka And That The Fact Ther r 5 Rangers Now U Better Sucseed In The Future Other Wise U Will Have No Future

Casey So...Yea U Called Dommnick

RJ Yes We Need Him

Dommnick Im Back Guys To Help U On Ur Mission To Defeat These Beasts

The End

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Air date 30 September 2008
Written by User:Yopont
Directed by User:Stranger26
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