Plot Edit

Bigs Shoots Robo Knight And He Gets Injured Badley From The Shot While The 2 Toxic Beasts Use The Arror Box To Become Ultimate Bigs & Ultimate Bluefur

Triva Edit

Jake Is Colured Green 1 Sence Of The Creaters Thinking About The Next Season

Transcript Edit

Bigs Yes My P;lan Scugger Gegger Gess Ya


Bluefur Now That Dick Vrak Will Pay

Bigs Yes Along With The Rangers


Ultimate Bluefur Oh Yes I Am Liking This

Ultimate Bigs Lets Go

Troy So.....U Wanted To See Me Princable Sexy

Princable Sexy Yes I Would Like To Chat With U About Ur Dick It Smells Yum

Troy Fuck Off U Sick Cunt

(He Leaves)

Ultimate Bigs Yes The Power Of Goo

Ultimate Bluefur Once The Rangers Return They Will Eat My Dick Witch Tastles Like Fish

Troy No We Will Never

Ultimate Bigs Fools We Have Ultimate Powers U Dont

Troy We Don't Need Em Megaforce Red

Noah Megaforce Blue

Jake Megaforce Black

Emma Megaforce Pink

Gia Megaforce Yellow

Ultimate Bigs Oh Boo Hoo Hoo Megaforce Mode Wont Stop Us We Are Too Powerful

Gia Oh Yeah Ultra Force Mode Yellow

Jake Ultra Force Mode Black

Noah Ultra Force Mode Blue

Troy Ultra Force Mode Red

Emma Ultra Force Mode Pink

Ultimate Bluefur Fools U Still Don't Know When To Give Up

Emma Yeah We Don't Ultra Strike


Ultimate Bluefur Ha Ultimate Saber


Emma Ugh

Troy Red Dragon Sorwad


Ultimate Bigs Ha Ur Still Pathetic

Gosei Robo Knight The Rangers Need Help

Robo Knight Nah I'm Watching Step Brothers

Troy Ultra Power Blast


Ultimate Bigs Ha U Think Ur Powers Can Destroy Us Watch Our Blast U Fuckhead

Troy Yeah I Bet Its Weak

Ultimate Bigs Here We Go Ultimate Blast

Ultimate Bluefur Bye Bye Rangers

Troy Get Reddy

Ultimate Bigs After We Destroy U We'll Go After Vrak Strike



(Robo Knight Is Damaged He Arrives Frist)

Robo Knight Oh Shit

Ultimate Bluefur That Fool Got In The Way

Ultimate Bigs Don't Worry I Have A Plan (The 2 Retreat)

Troy Fuckheads They Are Corwads

Gosei Tensou I'm Busting For The Bathroom

Tensou No I Got Direa

Gosei Stfu We Need To Work On The Ultra Megazord TheWarriors Keep Destroying Our Megazords

Tensou Whatever Ive Got Direa

Troy Ok Gosei So Bigs & Bluefur Have Become Ultimate

Gosei Yes Ultimate Faggots Theyt Are Drunk

Troy Drunk? Really No They Shot Robo Knight

Robo Knioght I Cant Form The Robo Megazord Now I Must Rest

Gosei Whatever

Troy So What Do We Do

Gosei U Must Pull That Dick Of Yours Out And Figer Out A Way

Troy Ok YA (Pulls It Out) Now Look U Idiot I Have No Dick

Gosei :P :P :P :P :P :P

Troy Um Yeah So Is That All

Ultimate Bigs Vrak Is A Fool He'll Pay

Ultimate Bluefur Frist We Gotta Get Rid Of The Power Rangers

Ultimate Bigs Yes Aggred Lets Go

Vrak What Ther Plotting Aginst Me Fools Ther Plans Will Go To Wastle I Hope The Power Rangers Win

Ultimate Bigs Ahhh The City

Troy Fuck Off This Citys Ours

Ultimate Bigs Think Again Lets Use All Of The Arror Box On These Fools

Troy Megaforce Power

Gia Ultra Mode Now

Troy Ultra Force Mode Red

Ultimate Bigs Laughs Lets Destroy Em

Troy Ultra Blast


Ultimate Bigs Back At U


(The 5 Unmorph)

Gosei Tensou The Rangers Are Having Big Trouble

Tensou Aggred I'm Out


Tensou Yea So

Gia Ugh Why Are We In The Command Center

Gosei Becos I Brought U Here

Troy Why

Gosei Becos Tensou Has A New Megazord

Troy Yay We Can Be Better Than Robo Fucker Where Is The Dirtbag Anyways

Gosei IDK

Troy So Lets Go

Ultimate Bigs Lets Rule The City

Ultimate Bluefur Yes Aggred We TookDown The Rangers Lets Fuck Vrak Up

Vrak I Don't Think So

Ultimate Bluefur Get Him Ultimate Blast

Vrak Super Saber


Bluefur Ugh...No

Ultimate Bigs Why How Dare U

Vrak Yes My Plan All Along Was To Get U Fools Outta My Way Super Blade


Bigs No...Fool

Vrak Don't Ever Plot Aginst My Back Ever Again

Bigs Ugh

(Vrak Retreats)

Robo Knight Now U Handle Me

Bigs Oh Don't Worry I Have A Plan For U Staff


(Robo Knight Is Trapped)

Bigs Handle Him I'm Going To Give The Arror Box More Power

(Bigs Goes The Rangers Arrive)

Robo Knioght Go After Bigs Guyts

Troy Aggred

(They Race After Bigs)

(Bigs Is Runninng)

Bigs Ahh Yes Ultimate Power

Troy Oh Shit Its The Room Of Sparro

Bigs Yes It Is Vrak Foiled My Plan But I Can Give The Arror Box More Power (Gives It More Power It Comes Alive)

Arror Box Thank U Bigs That Was More Than Eongh Energey I Needed

Bigs Ugh (He Falls In The Sparro Larver And Dies)

Troy Oh Shit

Arror Box Now I Am The Ultimate Arror Box

(The Ultimate Arror Box Is Flying In The Air)

Troy Fuck Were Trapped

Ultimate Arror Box Yes U Are U Will Never Escape

Robo Knight Ha Saber


(Robo Knight Breaks Out)

Robo Knight Ok Bluefur Its Time To Stop It

Bluefur Ahhh Yes Aggred Time To Stop U

Robo Knight Robo Blade


Bluefur Laughs U Fools Don't Know Who Ur Dealing With

Robo Knight Vulcan Cannon




Bluefur No.....Impossable-


Vrak I Am Not Enerlarging The Asshole

Troy Ok Ive Had Eongh

Gosei Rangers Heres Ur New Megazord Tensou Made It After The Direa BS

Troy Thanks Gosei Ultra Megazord


(They Break Out Of The Arror Box Destroying It)

Troy Awww Yeah

(They Return Back To The CC)

Troy So We Defeated The Toxics

Robo Knight Yes And Were A Strong Team

Emma I Cant Belive Bigs Gave All His Powers To The Arror Box When We Just Destroyed It With The Ultra Megazord

Gosei Yes Emma Bigs Was A Fool

The End

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Air date 30 September 2013
Written by User:Swap29


Directed by User:Stranger26
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