Plot Edit

Cam Goes On A Quest For A Amlot When Lothors Bee Warrior Stings The 5 Rangers Turinng Them Into Bugs

Transcript Edit

Vexacus Bee Warrior Is Here Lothor

BW There Mine

Lothor Fine Go U Fail And U Meet My Dog

Shane Y3ea We Had Fun Wth That

Zurgane Rangers

Blake Ugh Its Popcorn Face

Zurgane Il Give U Popcorn Feast My Sorwad

Shane U Flight Mode Striker


Zurgane Ugh Cuyrses

BW Hello Take This


Shane ugh Im Down

Zurgane LetsShut Em Up

Shane No Fliughtr Strike Huh

BW There No Use

Cam please One More Chance

Sensai Fine But If U Fuck Up Ur Dead

Cam Yes


Cams Mother Hello Sexy Thing

Sensai awww Yea

Lothor Ha


Cam Yes Got It

Lothor U fool


Cam Got It Samurai Power

BW Now For The End

Cam Hey U

Zurgane Green Ranger U fool

(Cam Fights Zurgane & Slashs Him)

Cam Green Striker


BW Ur Mine

Cam Strike


Lothor No 6 Rangers Ninja Power Unleashed


Cam Uh Oh

Sensai Cam Call The Green Chopper Megazord

Cam Green Chopper Megazord

BW U fool


Cam Fire Ball Strike


BW Impossable-


Zurgane Lothor I Failed Theres 6 Ra-

Lothor I Alredddy Know U Better Not Fail Next Time Or U Will Suik My Dick Its Hairy 2

Zurgane Yes My Leach

the End

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Cam Vs Zurgane
Air date 6 October 2003
Written by User:Retro Day II

User:The beem 2

Directed by User:Master Manchine 2
Episode Guide
Ninja Trainng
Green Power

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