Plot Edit

Souler Attacks Calvin And Damands A Duel With Him Then He Reviles That He Suprated Him From His Partents When He Was Younger While Soulers Warrior Traps The Other Rangers In Pluggs And Goes Into Ther Brains

Triva Edit

The Gold Hostige Crystel Is Menched Again

Transcript Edit

Savro Im Uploading Some New Weapons For You Rangers

Brad Awesome What About The Gold Hostige Crystel

Savro We Still Need Someone To Bond With That

(In The Fortress)

Flungo Has Anyone Got Any Plans To Destroy The Power Rangers

Vestinager No We Dont Sirrer

Flungo Well Then Get Some

Souler I Have Got 1 We'll Go Into The Rangers Brains And Destroy Them

Flungo Thats Not A Bad Plan But If It Fails You Will Be In My Soup Tonight

(In The Cafe A Bully Wallks Up)

Gary Ha Give Me Some Food

Brad Who Do You Think Your Tallking To

Gary Some Ass

Brad Whatever

Barry Yeah Do It And You Take More Than 5 Mins Il Bash You

Brad Get Out

Miss Gash Ahh Yes My Suns

Brad Your Sons? Wtf

Miss Gash Mind Your Own Bussness Boy

Barry Yeah Boy

(The 3 Go)

Brad Lossers

Souler This Planet Is Such A Trashole

CableStriker Yes It Is Allow Me To Destroy It

Calvin I Dont Think So

Souler Oh No Not The Green Ranger

Calvin Yeah Its Me

Souler Finsh Him

CableStriker Ha Thunder Attack




(Calvin Falls)

Calvin Ugh...No

(Smokes There)

Calvin I Must Get Up

CableStriker Your Finshed

George I Dont Think So

CableStriker Oh No Im Drying Out (Retreats)

George Yeah Run

Calvin No Way

Souler You Escaped You Fool Preppes Its Time

CableStriker What For Master

Souler Im Going To Duel That Green Shit

(In The Base)

Savro Rangers Weve Gotta Think Of A Stradey

Roponic Yes Because He'll Be Back

Souler Green Ranger Come And Duel Me

Calvin Im Going Out

Savro No Its obviousley A Trap

Calvin Well Im Going To Take It Green Hostige Power Hello Souler

Souler You Are So Easy To Fool

(Roxys Come Up Behinde Him And Trap Him)

Souler And Now Green Ranger You Will Hand Over Your Crystel

Calvin No Slash


Souler Ugh....

CableStriker Rangers Come Out

Brad Were Right Here

CableStriker Imbercile Take This


Brad Ugh

CableStriker Its Time Thunder Attack




(The Rangers Unmorph)

Brad Ugh This Guys Too Powerful

Savro Not Quite Rangers Ive Got The Edge Stick That Will Destroy The Warrior

Brad It Looks Weak

Souler Your Finshed

Calvin No Im Not Green Blaster




Souler Ugh...We Will Battle Another Day (Retreats)

Calvin Corwad Savro Im Joinng The Others Now

Savro Ther In The City

(Calvin Telports To The City)

Calvin Ok Oh No

(The Rangers Have Pluggs In Ther Heads)

CableStriker Yes Im In Ther Brains

Calvin Telport To Ther Brains

(Calvin Goes Into Brads Brain)

CableStriker Green Ranger I Thought Souler Was Handling You

Calvin Yeah We'll His Not This Is Over (He Shoots The Cord On CableStrikers Head The 2 Are Telported To The Earth)

CableStriker No My Plan You Fool

Calvin No You Fool Lets Finsh This Edge Stick Symboll Strike



Flungo Souler You Failed Growth Power

(CableStriker Grows)

Brad Lets Finsh This Hostige Charge Megazord Hostige Punch


CableStriker You Cant....Beat Me Im Invisable

Brad We'll See About That

Savro Rangers (Comes Out Of The Base) (Trows A Weapon At The Megazord Brad Catchs It)

Brad So Wtf Is This Thing

Savro The Charge Cannon Use It

CableStriker I Will Destroy You Fools

Brad Charge Cannon Fire




CableStriker No-



Flungo Souler Your So Pathetic Another Fail From You WHEN ARE THESE RANGERS GOING TO QUIT

Souler I Dont Know Master

Vestinager Then Prappes Its Time For Me To Go Down And Destroy The Rangers

(In The Base)

(A Hand Grabs The Gold Hostige Crystel)

The End

A Green Fight
Season 1, Episode 7
A Green Fight
Air date 10 April 2017
Written by Charlotte Fullerton
Directed by Peter Salmon
Episode Guide
A Rangers Leaddership
The Gold Hostige

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