Plot Edit

Kendall Bees A Tool And Gets A Manuel To Ride A Megazord While The Silver Ranger Asks The Rangers For Ther Zord Data

Transcript Edit

(In The Dino Musiem Kendall Ivan & Riley Are Wallking)

Ivan So....Whatts The Plan

Kendall Idk Weve Gotta Get The Signal Saterlight Back Up

Ivan Yes Then I Can Get Facebook

Kendall Tastlebook Yes Aggred

(In Snides Ship)

Heckel Ugh fuck I'm Sick

Fury Hey Master Ive Gotta Plan

Heckel What

Fury We Shall-

Wrench No Actley I Got A Plan We'll Turn The Rangers Into Planets

Fury What Good Will That Do

Spikeball 2 Yeah Wrench

Wrench Oh It Will Do Something

Heckel Fine But If u Fail Then You Will Suffer My Wrath

(In The Dino Base)

Keeper Fuck This Trastion Isnt Going On Fucking I'm Getting Triggered

Kendall IKR

(In The Froset)

Plant Warrior Master Wrench What Do We Do

Wrench We'll Turn The Rangers Into Plants And They Will Fall Down

(In The Dino Base)

Kendall I Cant Get It Up

Keeper Yes Its Being Lazy

(The City Is Being Blasted By Wrench)

Wrench Fools

Tyler Hey U

Wrench Oh Its Tyler Byler

Tyler Yeah Your Going Down

Wrench No Your Going Down

Tyler Dino Charger 1 Dino Axe Saber


Wrench Ugh...Fool

Plant Warrior Hello Tyler


Tyler Ugh Shit (Unmorphs)

Koda Tyler You Ok

(Tylers Hair Turns Green)

Plant Warrior I Turned Him Into A Plant And Your All Next (The 2 Retreat)

Koda Oh Shit

Kendall I'm Going To Ride The Sexiest Megazord On The Planet

(Kendall Rides Her Megazord)

Kendall O Shit I Need A Manel


Wrench The Red Rangers A Plant Now

Snide Fool (Rasies Blade Torwads Wrench) I Should Just Destroy You For Your Stupidness

Wrench Yes Master Snide

Snide Send That Roteless Warrior Out

Wrench Yes Aggred Go

Snide Fury I Want You To Be In Charge I'm Going For A Snide Nap (Goes To Sleep)

Fury Yes Wrench If You Fail I Will Eat Your Bones

Wrench Yes Master

Plant Warrior Idiots

Kendall Rangers Theres A Warrior Attacking The City

Tyler Yes (Tyler Tries To Get Up But Cant)

Kendall Tyler You Stay Here You 5 Off

(The 5 Run To The Location)

Koda Havent Got Wrench Here Have You

Plant Warrior I Don't Need Him

Koda Very Well Dino Charger Unleash The Power

(The 5 Morph)

Ivan Ultramate Dino Super Mode Dino Cannon Dino Ultramate Cannon



Plant Warrior Oh Shit-


Ivan Yes

Tyler Ya I'm Back

Fury Enlarge

PW I'm Back Rangers

Ivan Dino Ultramate Super Megazord Super Ultramate Strike


PW Oh Shit-


Fury So Wrench Have You Had 0 Bones

Wrench No Fury No

Snide Quiet Down Over There I'm Dreaming About My Girlfriend

(Fury Chases Wrench)

(In The Dino Base)

Keeper Weve Got The Silver Rangers Signal

Silver Ranger Rangers I Was Forced To Bal Down To Another Masters Dick And I Found The Dark Energem You Must Give Me Your Zord Data

Keeper Do It Kendall You Sloppy Bitch

(Kendall Gives Him The Zord Data)

Silver Ranger Thanks Rangers MAWAWAWAWAWA

(Silver Ranger Goes)

Tyler I'm Going To Try And Sound Like That NANANANA

The End

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Air date 23 September 2016
Written by User:Echoson/User:Blitzdactyl
Directed by User:Digi
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The Arrival Of Lord Arcannon

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