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Robo Knight Dosent Get Humanity Bullshit And Nearly Shoots A Couple Of Pepole Jake Calls Him A Dick And The Rangers Face Off With Mallkors Latest Warrior

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Air date 31 March 2013
Written by User:Death88

User:Swap29 User:Letter guy

Directed by User:Stranger26
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Robo Trasiton
pollution Of Danger

Triva Edit

This Title Shears The Same Title With One Of Bon Jovis New Songs A Labor Of Love

Transcript Edit


Gia Troy Wake Up Ernies Coming To Serve Us

Troy Shutup

Gia Fuck U

Ernie Anyone Want Milkshakes

Troy No Stick It Up Ur Ass Guys We Must Find Robo Knight And Help Him With His Schizophernick Shit

Ernie Who?


Ernie Ugh

Gosei Rangers Come To The Command Center Santa Knight Is Here

Troy Fuck Santa Knight

Gosei NOW

Troy Fine

(They Go There)

Santa Knight I Know How To Get Rid Of The Schizophernick U Must....EAT CHOCLATE

Troy His No Help

Mallkor So Robo Knight Has Schiozphernick We Must Destroy It

Vrak Schizer Come

Schizer Yes Master I Am Ur Servent

Vrak Destroy Robo Dill

Troy Gosei We Don't Need Retarted Pepole In This Command Center We Need To Tallk About Robo Knight

Gosei Fuck Robo Knight His Pussy Is To Large

Troy Ugh

Schizer Fools

Robo Knight I'm Here


Schizer Wow U Came Quick

Troy A Attack

Schizer I Have Schiozphernick Too But Ur Too Stupid To Understand Me

Robo Knight Robo Blaster Shut Ur Piehole


(Schizer Moves Robo Knight Kills 2 Pepole)

Robo Knight Retarts

Schizer Ur The Only Retart Here

Robo Knight Robo Sorwad


Schizer Ugh

Vrak Hello Robo Fool


Vrak Yes Now Lets Capture Him

Troy Were Here

Robo Knight Ur Too Late Go

Vrak U Fool Robo Knight I Will Kill U

(Robo Knight Slashs Vrak Vrak Falls)

Vrak Ugh....Schizer Beem


Vrak Bye Fools (Retreats) (With Robo Knight & Schizer)

Troy Oh Fuck

Gosei Lets Have A Party Tensou

Tensou Yes Aggred

Gosei Oh Fucking Hell

Troy Robo Knight Has Been Captured What Do We Do Now

Gosei Find Him

Troy Aggred

Tensou Vrak Has Tooken Him To The Pub

Troy Wtf Ther Going To Drink Beers There

Gosei No Troy Hes Going To Shove Beer Down His Thorat

Troy Wtf

Gosei Aggred Go

(the 5 Go)

Vrak Now Robo Asshole U Will Abey Me Now

Robo Knight No

Schizer Laughs

Vrak Schizer Watch Out For The Rangers We Don't Want Them To See Robo Knight

Schizer Aggred

(Schizer Watchs Out)

Troy I Cant Find Him

Noah Me Neither

Jake Theres The Pyub

Schizer Ahhh Yes Its Tiume

Jake Guys I Found Schizer The Warrior Robo Knight Was Fighting Befor

Noah Were Coming

Robo Knight U Don't Know What Ur Doing

Vrak I Know Prycisley What I'm Doing

Robo Knight BS

Jake There

Troy Yes Ok Noah Jake Go Inside Girls Lets Fuck Schizer Up

Schizer Laughs Now To

Troy Hey U

Schizer Red Ranger

Troy Red Force Power

Emma Pink Force Power

Gia Yellow Force Power

Troy Shut Ur Piehole

Schizer Never


(The 3 Unmorph Jake & Noah Sneak In A Vent)

Jake So There Vrak Is

Noah Wtf Is He Doing Having Sex With Him

Noah Stfu Its Better Than Me Watching All Ur Piorn Shit From The Other Day

Jake Ok Lets Act

Vrak Time To Die

Noah Hey U

Vrak Blue & Black Ranger Ugh Fuck U

Jake Axe


Vrak Ugh

Jake Robo Knight Lets Get U Out

Robo Knight No Fuck U Cunt

Jake Stfu

Robo Knight U Frist

Vrak Fool U'lle Pay For That

Noah Oh No He Wont Blue Force Power

Jake Ok Saber


Robo Knight Fuck Off (Pushs Jake)

Jake Ugh

Vrak U r A Fool Blue Ranger


Noah Ugh (Unmorphs)

Jake Ugh Shit Black Force Power

Vrak U 2


(Jake Unmorphs)

Schizer Ugh


Robo Knight Ha

Troy Thanks Robo Knight

Robo Knight U Shutup Hey Schizer Tell This To The Judge Scan Strike


Schizer No-


Robo Knight Vrak Ur Next

Vrak No Screw U (Retreats) Ugh Mallkor I Failed Reflectiuon Beem

Schizer Yes I'm Back

Robo Knight This Is My Turn Robo Zord Robo Megazord Saber


Schizer Fool

Robo Knight Shut Ur Mouth Up Robo Blade Slash


Schizer No

Robo Knight Milles Final Strike





Schizer Impossible-


Vrak No Robo Knights A Fool Him And The Rangers Ther Pesky

Mallkor U r A Failer What Were U Trying To Do With Him Have Sex That's Gay

Vrak No I Was Going To Shove Achole Down His Thorat

Mallkor Oh

Troy So Is Robo Knight Still Schizphernick

Gosei As I Said U Need To Help Him

Troy Yes Aggred

The End

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