The Rangers Face Divatoxs Bee Warrior Who Stings Evreyone (expect TJ & Justin) Meanwhile Rygog Plans To Get Rid Of Divatox

Transcript Edit

Divatox Bee Warrior

Bee Warrior Queen Divatox

Divatox Dont Queen Me

Bee WArrior So Wat Do U Want

Divatox Sting The Rangers And U Will Be Free

Bee Warrior Yes They Will Be Easy

TJ Um Guys Were Nearly Done Divatoxs Warriuors Are Nearly Gone

Cassie Yes So Thats Nearly Done

Dimatra No Rangers

Justin No Foolish Dimatra Were Nearly Done A Attack

Bee Warrior Rangers Ur Here

Justin Were Here To Shut U Up

Bee Warrior Oh No Ranger U'lle Face My Foot (Reales A Bug Stings Justin & TJ) Have That On Ur Head Ranger

Dimatra Are U 2 Ok

PR No Ther Pretty Hurt

BS That Bug Warrior Will Pay

Divatox Goodjob Wth The Bug Now We'll Destroy Em

Bee Warrior Dont Worry The Rangers Will Die

TJ Ugh We Must Contine Fighting

Cassie The Warriors Back

Bee Warrior Yes The Rangers Are Doomed

Cassie No

BW Fool Get Past Me

Cassie Orb Mode Final Slash


Bee Warrior Diovy Im Sorry-



TJ Guys Werre Here

Bee Warrior So Am I

TJ Turbo Up Turbo Megazord

BW Useless


TJ Ugh

Cassie Orb Megazord Orb Final Strike


BW Impossable-


Divatox 5 Warriors Left Im Getting Rlly Shitty

Rygog Yes Since 5 Warriors Are Left We'll Destroy The Rangewrs Well Il Destroy Divatox Wth The Warriors MAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWA

The End

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Air date 13 November 1997
Written by User:Ben10fan3 (as :P3)


Directed by Mike Smith
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