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Koda Bees A Big Dick And Goes To Fight Sledges Latest Warrior (Who Is A Porkiepine) All By Himself Keeper (Later) Has A few Words To Him And Tells Him To Stop Being A fuckwit He Also Gives Koda Dino Charger 54

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Poisandra (Bees A Moron And Has A Tantie) Fuck This Place If I Cant Get Married With Sledge Then Il Leave

(Guy With Black Beard From Harry Potter Comes)

Guy With Black Beard No Your Not Leaving

Poisandra Fuck U (Gets Saber Out And Tries To Hit Him He Turns Into A Porkiepine Warrior)

PW Laughs Silly Humans

Sledge Ahh Yes Your Here

PW Yes Master Sledge

Sledge Go Down To The Earth And Get Me The Energems

PW Yes

(In The Dino Base)

Keeper Guys Kendall Is Making Formations

Kendall Yes I Am

(Kendall Is Bizzy With The Formations)

Shelby So How Long

Kendall 78 Years

Shelby Fuck That We'll Be Old As Fuq

Kendall Yes You Will

(In The Dino Café)

Koda Ahh Yes Time To Get A Job Here

(Keeper Trows A Draw At Him)


Keeper Idiot

Kendall Ok We Need New Dino Charges

Tyler Dino Awesome

Riley Aggred

Kendall Shutup Were Not Tallking About That

Chase What About My Girlfriend I Dumped When I Was 10

(8 Years Ago)

Chase Ahh Yes

Chases Girlfriend Yes Lets Have 69

Chase Yes Aggred....NAH


Chase I'm Going To Vomit Cos Of That

(Chase Vomits)

Porkiepine Warrior Now To Destroy The City

Tyler Dino Dudes Weve Gotta Attack

(The 5 Arrive)

Koda Its Morphing Time

Tyler Dino Charger 1

Shelby 2

Chase 3

Riley 4

Koda 9

(Keeper Trows A TV At Him)

Koda Ok 5

(The Rangers Get Ther Weapons Out And Vivix Appre Koda Takes On The Warrior)

Koda You Smell Like My Auntie

PPW Yes I Do




(Koda Falls And Unmorphs)

Koda Ugh

PPW Times Up

(Koda Is Down And The PPW Is About To Finsh Him When Sledge Arrives)

Sledge Ello Rangers

Koda Who Are You

(Keeper Appres)

Keeper Sledge I Havent Seen You Since 1976 So Hows Life Been Going

Sledge Very Good I Got A Car And I'm A Rockstar

Keeper kkk

Sledge Now You Power Punks The Energems Or You Will Bal Down To My Sexy Knees

Tyler I Don't Think So Dino Blade (Goes Up But Sledge Shoots Tyler)

Sledge Idiot

Tyler Ugh

(He Unmorphs)

Sledge You Have 1 Year To Give Us The Energems Otherwise I'm Calling 911

Tyler No Not The Police

Sledge ta-ta (Retreats)

PPW Suckers (Leaves)

Koda That Was Funny

Keeper Whatever Its Your Asses That Hes After (Leaves)

PPW Laughs Your Doomed (Leaves)

(In Sledges Ship)

Sledge Now That This Idiotocness Is In Ther Minds Its Time To Destroy Them

(In The Dino Base Keeper Smokes Breathes Over Tyler Tyler Coughs)

Keeper So You Need My Fucking Help To Handle That Poffter

Tyler Well 1: You Wanted Us To Be Power Rangers 2: No 2s

Keeper No 2s Really

(Meat Loaf Coms In)

Meat Loaf Ahh Much Better

Tyler Oh Yeah Him

Keeper Ugh Koda Knock The Dumbness Off

Koda Gum We Need Some Gum

(Keeper Smacks Koda With The Stick)

(Vivix Appre In The City And PPW Attacks The City)

Tyler Lets Go Guys

(The 5 Arrive At The Battle)

Tyler Dino Charger 1

Shelby 2

Chase 3

Riley 4

Koda 5

(They Morph And Riley Pulls Out The Dino Saber Tyler Gets The Dino Blade Shelby Gets The Dino Whip And Chase Gets The Dino Guns And Koda Gets The dino Sorwad)

Riley Ha


(PPW Shoots The 5)

PPW Master Sledge Would Of Loved This

Riley Dino Guns




PPW Ugh Shit-


Tyler Kendall Has Made A New Dino Charger For You Koda Dino Charger 54

Koda Dino Charger 54 Blade Of Mex

(Koda Strikes The PPW He Falls)


Sledge No Way Not Another 1 Enerlarge My Fucking Warrior

(PPW Grows)

Tyler Lets Summon Our Zords Dino Max Zord

Shelby Dino Tung Zord

Chase Dino Lamp Zord

Riley Dino Tafie Zord

Koda Dino Emperor Zord

(Keeper Trows A Dryer At Him)

Koda Dino Master Zord

Tyler Quick Dino Max Tung Lamp Taffie Master Megazord

Shelby Sersley I Look LikeA Fool With This As My Screen Pitcure

Kendall :P

PPW Idiot (Shoots The Megazord)

Koda Dino Master Mode Master Saber

(Koda Strikes Him But PPW Shoots Him)

PPW Your Doomed

Keeper Guys Try Dino Charger 54

Koda Dino Charger 54 Dino Flex Zord Commbind Dino Flex Taffie Lamp Tung Max Megazord Flex Saber

PPW Uh Oh That's Sharpe

Koda Say Goodnight

(Koda Slashs Him He Falls)


Sledge Ugh Another Formation

Fury What Do We Do Sledge

Sledge IDK

(Tyler Is Watching The Wizard Of Oz)

Tyler Man This Is 78 Years Old This Fucking Trash

Koda IKR Keeper I'm Sorry For Being A Poopoo Head I Promess To Never Do Ti Again

Keeper GGGGGGGGGG (Keeper Trows A Tenis Ball At His Head He Gets A Big Lump In His Head)

The End

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Air date 11 March 2015
Written by User:Ude William
Directed by User:Westen Guy
Episode Guide
As Riley Takes The Bus
Kendalls Failed Plan

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