Plot Edit

The Rangers Are Kiddnapped By Belts And Tooken To Ritas Hideout Untill Tommy Returns As The Green Ranger

Triva Edit

Tommy Returns

Transcript Edit

Rita Ugh The Ugly Warrior Failed So Did The Clork Warrior & Sipster Im Getting Annoyed

Belt Warrior Let Me Finsh The Rangers

Rita Do It And If U Fail U'lle Suffer The Consqess

Belt Warrior Yes Empress

Jason Um So Wat Do We Do

Applebley Shutiup Or I Report U

Jason Cranky Bitch

Goldar Ugh Rita She Annoys Me I'll Kill Her Then I'll Destroy Her

Belt Warrior Hey Humans


Jason Its Morphin Time

Belt Warrior Hahaha

Jason Power Sorwad

Belt Warrior Ha


Kim Final Cann


Jason Yeah Alright

Belt Fool That Dint Get Me

Kim Holly Shit

Belt Capturer Time

Jason No Ugh

Zordon Alpha Its Time To Bring Baqck Tommy

Alpha 5 Yes Aggred

(Tommy Is Summoned To The Command Cernter)

Tommy Wtf

Zordon no Its Time

Tommy For....

Zordon For U To Become The Green Ranger Again

Tommy Yeah I'l Kick Ass This Time

Zordon Now Go

Belt Ur Final Cannon Is Pathetic

Tommy Yewah But Im Not

Jason Tommy Yewah

Belt U Again

Tommy HaSaber Strike


Rita Oh Fork

Goldar The Green Ranger Is Back

Tommy Lets Get U All To Saftey

Rita make my Monster Grow

Belt Warrior Im Back

Tommy Oh His A Giant

Jason Crok Megazord Crok Saber

Belt Down


Jason Warrior Mode


Jason ugh

Tommy Guys U Must Use The Stompit Mode

Jason Lets Get Back Up In The Megazord Stomp Mode


Belt Rita Please Destr-


Rita 6 Rangers Im Not Happy

Jason So U Came In

Ernief Wtf Tommys Back

Tommy Yes And Now We Shall Join Forces

The End

A New Ranger
Season 1, Episode 9
The Welcome Back Moment
Air date 19 Feb 1994
Written by Jeff Deckman &

Ronnie Sperling Will Fouracres

Directed by Mike Smith
Episode Guide
Where The Zord Attacks The Villians Plan
The Death Of Doom

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