Plot Edit

After The Rangers Are Attaciked By A Warrior Nightlock (Nightlock Warrior) Ji Tells Them Hes The Horse Nightlock

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Air date 19 March 2012
Written by User:Swap29
Directed by User:Socking Is Fun :P
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Theres Always Belivf
Dream Away


Xandrend Octoroo Wtf are U Eating

Octoroo Noodles

Xandrend Samurai Fools Antino Must Pay

HN Yes Im Here

Xandrend Who Are U

HN Im The Horse Nightlock

Xandrend F**K U

HN No Fuck U I Have A plan To Get Rid Of The Rangers

Xandr4end Whatts Thart

HN We Ramm Em

Jayden Hey Mentor Look Im Growing A beard

Ji Jayden I Dont give A Fucking Fuck

Jayden Really

(Ji Gets A Gun)

Ji Now U Will Shut Up

HN Laughs Fools

Jayden A attack There

HN Ahhh The Rangers U think u fools Can Wistand My Power

Jayden Yeah

HN Well Lets See Horse Strike


(Jayden Unmorphs)

HN Now The Book Of Spells

Mia Oiy

HN Pink Ranger U Woill Fall


(The Pink Ranger Unmorphs)

HN I Better Go Im Drying Out (Retreats)

Mia No

Antino that Horse Nightlock He Was Powerful

Ji Yes His The Horse Nightlock WhoEver He Toyuchs And Takes Down Will Grow Roots

Jayden & Mia Gasp

(Roots Start To Grow)

Xandrend Who Sent U

HN Um Thats

Xandrend (Rasies Sorwad) Answer

HN Ok It Was

Octoroo No We Must Contine The Next Plan

HN Yes I Took 2 Rangers Out Ther Growing Roots

Xandrend If U Fail I Will Eat For Breakfest

HN And If I Win Ur Thrones Mine

Xandrend What

HN Yes

Jayden Ugh My fucking head is Sticking

Mia Mine 2

Ji No Eongh

HN Im Back

Antino Yeah Ur Going D9own

Antino Gold Super Mode

HN Ur Mine




(Antino Falls)

HN Ur So Useless

Antino Yeah Think Again Saber


HN Ugh My Spell Fools (Retreats)

Antino After Him

HN U Suckers Cant Cat5ch Me

Mike Oh Yeah We Can Stogun Saber


HN No-


HN Im Back

Mike Super Megazord Saber



Mike Ur Finshed

HN Think So

Mike Yeah

HN Then No Im Not

Mike Titanc Blast




HN No-


Mike Finaly

Ji Yes U Stopped The Roots Now They Have Worts

Kevin Hahahaha

Emliy What Are U Laughing At

Kevin Nothing

Xandrend Octoroo It Seems That Warrior Was Weak

Octoroo Yes Sir I Promse We'll Destroy Em

The End

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