Plot Edit

Jason Has Trouble Doing His Dutys As A Ranger When He Has To Look After A 7 Year Old

Triva Edit

Tommy Dosent Appre Morphed In This Ep

Transcript Edit

Jason Confesh Modes Awesome

Trini Aggred

7 yr Old U Get To Serve Me And Play Wth Me All Day

Jason What The Heck

7 Yr Old Yep


LZ So Rangers Ahhh Jason Samson Is Playing A GameWth A Little Baby Boy

Jason Um Little Kid

7 Yr Old Yes I Really Want A Teamwork For This But mmm

Jason Ugh

Wreack Im Here

LZ Destroy Jason & 7 Yr Old Baby

Wreack I'l Destroy Em

Zordon Jason Ditch Him U Are The Leadder Of ThePower Rangers So Stop Being Foolish And Ditch Him

Jason But Hes A Kid


Wreack Fools Ya Like Kids I'l Destroy Em For U

Jason Red Power

7 Yr Old Jasons A Red Ranger


Wreack Ugh U Fool

Jason Power Sorwad


Wreack Ugh No

Zordon Jason Others Ur Getting New Weapons Tommy However He Wont

Trini Power Strike


Wreack I'l-


Jason Zip It

LZ U Defeated Myt Warrior Now I'l Defeat U

Wreack Im Back

Jason Conf-

7 Yr Old Um Red Ranger Play Wth Me Otherwise Im Calling The Cops

Jason No I Wont Call The Cops And I'l Blame It On U

7 yr Old Fine Dont Call Them

Jason Spring Megazord Confeshen Strike


Wreack Im Out Of Luck-


Jason Yeah U Are

Zordon Yes We Won

LZ I Need More Plans

The End

A Rangers Duty
Season 2, Episode 22
The boy Jason Has To Look After
Air date 20 August 1994
Written by Jarrad Waite (as Wait)

Patrick Dangerfield (as Danger)

Directed by Mike Smith
Episode Guide
The Attack Of the Mighty Z
Jasons Brain

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