Plot Edit

When Brad Is Captured By Vestinagers Latest Warrior For A Plan To Make Him Unbond With The Hostige Crystel George Must Be The Leadder Of The Team But He Acts Immature

Triva Edit

Frist Mench Of The Gold Hostige Crystel Even Thought It Appres In Previous Episodes

Transcript Edit

(In The Base)

Brad So What About The Gold Hostige Crystel

Savro We Need Someone That Will Bond To It

Brad Like Who

Savro idk

(In The Fortress)

Vestinager Master I Have A Plan That Will Crash The Rangers

Flungo What Is It

Vestinager I Will Capturer The Red Ranger And Try And Make Him Unbond To His Crystel

Flungo Not Bad

Vestinager Unbonder Come

Unbonder Yes Master Vestinager

Vestinager Kiddnapp The Red Ranger

Unbonder Yes Sir

Vestinager Then Il Use That Crystel For Myself

(In The Cafe Brad Is Serving food & Drinks To His Custmers)

Brad Ahhh Much Better

Miss Gash Whatever Just Serve More

Brad Ugh Your Adtude

Vestinager Ahh Yes What A Lovley City Too Bad It Has To Be Destroyed

Brad Um So.....Oh No A Attack

(He Runs To The Location)

Brad Who Are You

Vestinager Im Vestinager The Secret Behinde That Fool Flungo Bal Down To Me The Crystel If You Please

Brad I Dont Think So Red Hostige Power Red Hostige Axe

Unbonder Hello (Grabs Him And Absorbs Him) Sucker Yes Hes Weak Lets Get Him

(Brad Unmorphs)

Vestinager (Grabs Brad) Fool I Have Plans For This World

(In A Secret Room In The Fortress)

Vestinager You Fool I Will Make You Unbond To Your Crystel And I Will Have The Power

Unbonder What Should I Do Master

Vestinager Destroy The Other Rangers

George Hey Savro Wheres Brad

Savro I Dont Know Wait Whatts That (Looks At Brad Being Captured By Vestinager) Fuck Who The Fuck Is He

George Oh No His Been Captured I Must Take Responceablity In This Team

Savro Il Locate Where Theve Tooken Brad

(Brad Wakes Up)

Brad Where Am I

Vestinager You Are In My Domain That Fool Flungo Will Bal Down To My Boner Once Im Trow With Him I Will Unbond You From Your Crystel

Brad I Dont Think So Ugh Chains

Vestinager Yes Chains

Savro Rangers A Attack

Unbonder Laughs

Calvin Were Here

Unbonder And Your Doomed



Calvin Ugh

Unbonder Its Time

Calvin I Dont Think So Hostige Blaster



Unbonder Ugh...No

Vestinager Yes Its Going Smothley Ive Started Ripping You Away From Your Fricking Crystel Soon Il Become Invisable

Calvin Ugh Weve Gotta Find Brad

George Aggred Il Go Do That

(George Runs Off To Find Brad)

Calvin Your Going Down

savro Calvin Ive Made A New Weapon The Astro Blaster Commbind It With Your Hostige Blaster

Calvin Ok Hostige Blaster Commbind With Astro Blaster Fire




Brad Why Are You Doing This This Makes You Evil

Vestinager Because my Plans Are Coming Together

Brad Your So Evil

Vestinager Slliance Yes

Brad Ugh No

George Yes Ive Gotta Summon My Cycle Cruser To Find Where Brad Is Summon Cycle Cruser Go


(In The Fortress)

Vestinager Goodbye Red Ranger

(George Crashs Into The Fortress Room)

George Stop It

Vestinager Fool

George Slap Striker


Brad Lets Get Out Of Here

(The 2 Escape Back To Earth)

Vestinager Ugh Morons My Plan Is Going Shit

Brad Where Here

Unbonder Ugh You Escaped

Brad Yeah Red Hostige Power

Unbonder Thats It

George Slap Strike



Unbonder Ugh....No

George Lets Use The Saber Blaster Saber Blaster Fire



Unbonder No....Im Still Here

Flungo Fools Ugh Growth Power

Unbonder Laughs

Brad Hostige Charge Megazord Hydrax Zord Commbind With Hostige Charge Megazord Hydrax Saber


Unbonder Ugh....No

Brad Ok Lets Finsh Him Crim Zord Crim Blaster




Unbonder No-


Flungo Vestinager You Failed It Seems That Your Weak Like The Others Fail Me Again And You Face the Beast

Vestinager Yes Sir Fool You Will Pay

(In The Base)

Savro Now Weve Gotta Look For Someone To Bond With The Gold Crystel Befor The Villians Get It

Brad Aggred

George So Now What

Brad Lets Do This

The End

A Rangers Leaddership
Season 1, Episode 6
A Rangers Leaddership
Air date 10 April 2017
Written by Matt Wayne
Directed by Charlie Haskell
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A Tracking Foe
A Green Fight

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