Plot Edit

Tommy Is Cloned By The Imposter Warrior (elsas Latest Warrior) Who Users Him To Get In The base And get The Dino Gems

TrAnscript Edit

Mesogog Fool U r Useless And Weak

Elsa Master Please One More Chance

Mesogog Fine But Fail Me And U Suffer My Wrath

Tommy Guys Look


Tommy Clone Hahahahahaha

Elsa This Clone Will Fool Them Rangers And They Wont Know Whos The Real Tommy Just We Nweed To Kiddnapp The Real One

Mesogog Do It And U Might Just Get A Chance

Elsa Yes Master

Tommy Hey 69

Ethan Cool

Tommy U Were Saying It The Other Day Ugh Im oing Out

Zeltrax Black Ranger

Tommy ugh Just As I Was Wallking

Zeltrax This Time Its Time To e destroyed

Tommy No

Zeltrax Prepper To Eat Lazer


Tommyu Ugh

Zeltrax Slice Time

Tommy Slice This

Zeltrax No U Slice That

Tommy Dino Saber


Zeltrax U Got Lucky Last Time I Faced U Now Ur Going To Die

Tommy Fine Lets Go

Zeltrax Ya


Zeltrax Prepper To Meat Ur Demiess

Tommy W8 Ive Met My Demiess

Zeltrax Demies This


Tommuy Ugh


Toimmy Fuick Off Im Not The Green Ranger

Zeltrax Times Up


Mesogog Zeltrax Get Here

Zeltrax Yes


Tommy Ugh

Zeltrax Bye


Tommy Ugh

Kira U Allrightr Tommy

Tommy Yes Im Fine

Kira Sure

Tommy Im Fine

Kira Cool


Zeltrax Shut It Black Ranger

Tommy Is There Any Games On This Peace Of Shit

Hayley no

Tommy U r A Slutt

Hayley Fuck Off Im Not

Tomm y Well Yes U r

Hayley -_______________-

Tommy Whatever

Kira What The Fuck

Ethan Yea IK Right

Tommy A Attack Letas Go

Zeltrax Black Ranger Where r the gems

Tommy Got Em


Tommy Yes Im Back

Zeltrax No

Tommy Plan Foiled

Zeltrax Feast My Blade

Tommy U Feast This


Zeltrax No

Tommy Yes YA


Zeltrax No (Leaves)

Tommy Yes

Mesogog Zeltrax (Poos) I Pooed On The Floor On Acdent U Get To Clean It Up Or Il Rub Ur Face In the poo

Zeltrax No Not The Poo

The End

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Season {{{season}}}, Episode {{{number}}}
Air date 24 April 2004
Written by User:Returned 16

User:Letter guy

Directed by User:Power Over Him
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Dinosaur Story
The White Morpher Bounces

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