Plot Edit

Flungo Returns More Powerful Than Ever He Kiddnapps Bon And Absorbs The Silver Hostige Crystels Energey And Uses It To Hack The Hostige Super Morphers Then He Makes His Own Megazord And Sends 2 Warriors Out To Defeat The Rangers

Triva Edit

Flungo Returns

The Planet Crew Do Not Appre In This Ep

Bon Does Not Morph In This Ep

The Super Modes Dont Appre In This Episode

Transcript Edit

(Flungo Looking At The Destroction Of The Brain Warrior)

Flungo Ahhh Yes Porexx Is A Moron My Plans Will Come Out

(Meanwhile Bon Is Watching TV)

Bon Boo Im Bored

Flungo Wanna Be Boreder (Grabs Bon)

(In Flungos New Sexy Base)

Flungo My Plans Are Coming Together Il Hack The Silver Hostige Crystels Power And Disable The Super Modes Them Poxridden Fools Then Il Destroy Em

Jim So Has Anything Happend Lateley Wheres Bon

Brad idk

Savro Rangers A Attack At The Southbank

Brad Ugh Not Another One Of Porexxs Warriors Lets Go

(The 6 Arrive)

Flungo Hello Dirtbags

Brad Flungo Hey Wheres Bon

Flungo Bon Is Captured By Me I Was The Oringal Creater Of The Silver Hostige Crystel And Now Il Use Its Powers To Destroy You

Brad I Dont Think Red Hostige Power

George Blue Hostige Power

Calvin Green Hostige Power

Hayley Pink Hostige Power

Ashley Yellow Hostige Power

Jim Gold Hostige Power

Brad Lets Show This Fool Super Super Red Hostige Power What

Flungo Ahh Yes Did I Forget To Tell You That I Disabled Your Super Modes You Will Never Go Super Mode Again

Brad How You Monster

Flungo Yes Now Lets Duel

Brad R.O.P Mode R.O.P Rage Blast


Flungo Have It Back




(The 6 Fall)

Flungo Weaklings

(He Retreats)

Flungo So Hows The Drainng Going Silver Boy

(The Silver Hostige Crystels Power Is Going Into A Manchine)

Flungo Yes Its Done Come Undorm & Swoler

Swoler Yes Master

Flungo Them Power Punks Wont Know What Hit Them

(In The City)

Undorm This City Is Weak Watch Me Trash It




Savro So Basicley Your Telling Me Flungos Back And His More Powerfuler And His Captured Bon

Jim Yes

Savro His Attacking The City Go

Undorm Yes

Brad Hey You Stop

Undorm Who Are You

Brad The Red Hostige Ranger Ya

Undorm Get Him Flungoers

(The Flungoers Are Slashed By Brad)

Brad Yes Now Give It To Me

Undorm You Got It




(Brad Unmorphs)

Undorm Now To Finsh You

Calvin I Dont Think So

Undorm Green Ranger Oh You'lle Pay

Calvin Hostige Charge Cannon Fire




Flungo Ugh He Was Weak Stage Beem

Undorm Yes Im Back

Brad Hostige Charge Megazord

Jim Hostige Alreat Megazord

Undorm Oh Your Megazords Are Nothing Commpeared To Me




Brad Ugh This Guys Tough

Jim Not If We Commbind The Megazords

Jim & Brad Hostige Alreat Charge Megazord

Brad Now Look Whos In Trouble Hostige Rage Blast




Undorm No Imposable-




Flungo Ugh That Warrior Was Weak No Matter My Plans Are Still On The Move

Swoler What About Me Sir

Flungo Oh Your My Next Plan

(In The Base)

Savro So You Defeated 1 Warrior Of Flungos

Brad Yes

Savro Remember Rangers He Escaped Befor Porexx Arrived

Brad Yes But Hes Just Come Out So Suddley No Matter We'll Stop Him

(A Bomb Appres Where The Warrior Was)

Flungo Yes My Megazord Is Reddy Time To Destroy The Rangers




Savro Uh Oh Its A Megazord And Flungos In It

Flungo Yes Rangers I Am And Your Times Up Prepper For Your Destroction

To Be Contined....

A Revenged Return Part 1
Season 2, Episode 42
Flungo Returns
Air date 23 April 2017
Written by William Fouracres

Len Wein David McDermott

Directed by James Barr
Episode Guide
The Red Remote
A Revenged Return Part 2

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