Plot Edit

Robo Knight Is Kiddnapped By The Christ Warrior He Kiddnapps Santa Also And Turns Robo Knight Evil He Sends Robo Knight To Destrack The Rangers While He Sends Out Bombs (For Presents To The Kids)

Transcript Edit

Robo Knight Why Are They Chopping My Houses Down

(They Are Actley Chopping Down The Trees)

(At Ernies Maccas)

Noah Hey Guys What If I Watched The Duck Song R18+

Ernie F**K That

Troy Aggred

(Noah Goes To The Bin And Sees Robo Knight)

Robo Knight So....Wtf Is This Ther Cutting Down My House

Noah What U Were Born In A Tree

Robo Knight Close I Was Born Under A Tree)

(In 1987)

Robo Baby (Cries)


Robo Baby No

Robo Mother Fuck U


Noah Well That Was Werid

Robo Knight Aggred That Was A Stupid Story

Noah U Should Go To South Africa Again

Robo Knight Fuck That

Troy Hey Noah Wheres My Condom U Borred The Other Day I Need It Again

Robo Knight Wtf U Guys Sleep Here

Noah No

(The 2 Go Back Inside)

Troy Why Is Robo Knight Being A Cock

Noah IDK He WasWorring About His Past

Ernie Who Wants Pizza

Troy Wtf

Ernie Yes Christmas Pizza BS

Troy We Don't Have Pizza For Christmas U Dickhead

Ernie Oh

Troy Sersley Man Get A Life

Ernie Ive Got One Ernies Maccas

(Robo Knight Sneaks In A Bilding)

Robo Knight Ok Wtf Is This

Christ Warrior Ahh Robo Dummby Remember Me

Robo Knight No I Have Asxelthernick It Means I Cant Remember The GodDamm Past

Christ Warrior Very Well (Kiddnapops Him) Now To Get Santa

Troy Hey Wheres Robo Knight Now Lets Go Out Oh Shit His Gone

Noah Wtf Is This

Emma So What Are U Guys Doing

Troy Nothing

Robo Knight Who the fuck are U

Christ Warrior I Am A Warrior From Ur Past

Robo Knight Oh No Not U


Robo Kid Ahh Mummy Can I Have Maccas

Robo Mother No

Robo Kid Sersley

Robo Mother Yes


(The 2 Are Blasted Away)

Christ Warrior Evreyone Back Off Or This Guy Gets It

Robo Father No Guys Don't Run U Fools

Christ Warrior Stfu Old Man I Have Held Him Prisner In The Last 4 Years Hes Going To Suffer

Robo Mother Lets Go

(Christ Warrior Kills Robo Father Runs After The 2 And Shoots Robo Mother)

Robo Kid Oh No

CW Laughs


Robo Knight So Its U

(At The Library)


Troy So Robo Knights Not Answering His Commta Cater

Emma Yes

Troy Gosei Are U Avable

Gosei Stfu Troy I'm Watching Charmed And The Witchers Are Actley Bitchs

Troy Whatever So Weve Got To Rescue Robo Knight Hes Capptured

Santa Ahhh

Christ Warrior Get Back Here Fool

Troy Guys Its Santa

Jake I'm Going To Have A Fanta With Santa

Christ Warrior Ha (Captures Santa) Il Destroy Christmas (Retreats)

Troy Oh Shiot That Must Of Been The Warrior That Got Robo Knight

(Christ Warrior Trows Santa)

Christ Warrior Fat Old Man U r

Robo Knight Oh Man Its Dansta

Santa I'm Santa Idiot

Christ Warrior Bring Ur Presents To Me Or Il Destroy U

Santa Never

Christ Warrior Fine Elfs

(The Elfs Come)

Christ Warrior I Have Tooken Over Ther Minds Fool They Work With Me Elfs Attack This Fucker Elf 2 Rap The Bombs In

Elf 2 Yes The Power Rangers Will Be Sorry

(The Rangers Arrive At A Ice Place)

Troy I'm Fucking Cold

Elf 3 Theres Introoders

Troy Oh Shit Megaforce Red

Noah & Jake Megaforce Blue Megaforce Black

Emma & Gia Megaforce Pink Megaforce Yellow

Elf 3 U Fools Christ Warrior Weve Got The 5 Here

Christ Warrior Ahhh Yes Power Rangers At My Mercey Prepper For Downfall Reflection Beem

(He Grows)

Gia Rocket Megazord

Troy Rocket Milles




Christ Warrior Fuck U MegaCunts-


Robo Knight Yes I'm Free Ya (Breaks Free)

Troy Robo Knight

Santa U Fools Don't Know I Was Actley

(He Turns Into The Santa Warrior)

Troy Oh No Commbind Cannon


SW No-


Robo Knight He Was A Fatty Anyways

(They Go Back Home)

Troy Hey Ernie Can I Have A Nickelback CD

Ernie NO

(He Puts On Nickelback)


The End

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Air date 1 December 2013
Written by User:PokeRob


Directed by User:Westen Guy
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