Plot Edit

Nick Gets A Code 2 & The Rangers Do 2 Morticon Having Eongh Of (The Fails) Goes Out He Defeats The Rangers Undpoonna Comes Wth Another Code That Turns Into A Cannon And It Destroyes Morticon Koragg (Happy That Morticon Is Gone) Takes Over The Place Meanwhile Nercrill Arrives At A Cave And Sees A Mummy Thing Bandige

Transcript Edit


Koragg Ugh

Morticon Fools Them Mystic Lossers

Master Eongh

Nec I Have A Plan Master-

Morticon No Let Me Il Make Short Work Of Em MAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWA

Nick So Daggreon

Undonna Yes He Was A Knight

Nick kkk

Morticon Fools Il Attack The Word Then The Universe


Nick Ha

Vida Cannon


Nick Lets Take It To Stage 2 Cycles




(The 5 Unmorph)

Morticon Fools U r All Useless

Nick Never Power Mode

Morticon Power What

Nick Power Strike


Morticon Ugh Very....Good Ranger But Digal Mode Im Not Done Yet

Nick Titan Megazotrd

Morticon U Will Bal Down To The Master


Nick No In Ur Dreams

Morticon In Urs

Maddsion Ok Now What

Undonna Use The Stream Saber To Take Out Morticon

Morticon Hahaha Ur Mentor Is Pathetic

Nick No tream Saber


The Master Impossable Mortriucon Is Gone

Nick Um So Morticons Gone Now What

Undonna Weve Won

(Meanwhile Outside The base Its Phiness)

Phiness No U Havent The Future Is Not Safe

The End

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The Villians Meat Morticons Final Ep
Air date 12 September 2006
Written by User:UltiVerse/User:Sci100/User:Swap29
Directed by User:Ancy


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The Story Of Daggreon
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