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Jayden & Ji Return Jayden Gives The 5 Rangers The Proto Disc To Destroy A Warrior That Took Them Out Earler

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Troy Hey Gosei Can U Please Telport Me In The Classroom

Gosei Get Ther Yourself U Little Asshole

Troy Ugh (Telports Himself In The Room)

Mr Burley Sit Down I Am Disapointed In U 5 You Go Back To Preps

Jake (Fakes It) Wah Wah Wah


Vekar Fools U Are So Pathetic That Teski Zord Could Of Been Mine

Damaras Yes Your Father Would Be Angry With Us


Knocker Hello Vekar

Vekar Oh Shit

Argus Its Mummy

(Knocker Shoots Argus)

Knocker Sersley You Recuit Him Weaklings

Damaras Stop It Who Sent U

Knocker The Emperor

Damaras Ahhh Yes Ur Magistey

Argus Your Master Aggred

(Knocker Shoots Argus He falls)

Gosei Rangers It Seems The Teski Megazord Trasformation Was Linked Up To The Deteckters

Troy Oh Whatever

Argus (Gets Back In The Ship) So Whats The Plan

Knocker We Ambush The Rangers

Argus Aggred (Gets The Bush)

Knocker Ugh Idiot

Troy So Gosei I Was Thinking Of Making A New Megazord Formation With The Striker

Gosei No Rangers A Attack

Argus Lets Put The Metal To The Petal

Knockout Otherway Around U fool

Argus Oh Lets Put The Miscut To The Biscut

Knockout Ugh

Troy Your Not Going To Do Anything

Argus Fools I Will Destroy U

Troy Ok Super Force Mode Super Saber


Argus You Think That's Gonna Hurt Me That's Weak As Fuck


(Troy Falls)

Gia Hey Argus

Vekar U Handle This Warrior If U Want To Get To Your Presies Leadder Oh Btw Hes A Strong Warrior

Knocker Laughs

Gia Oh Murro Fuck Ok Super Force Mode Super Saber


Knocker Weak




(The 4 Unmorph)

Troy Sersley U r Tough And All But Ur Dumb

Argus No Ur Dumb


Troy Ugh (Unmorphs)

Argus Laughs Lets Go Vekar These Fools Are Useless

Vekar Aggred

Knocker U Rangers Got Lucky This Time But Next Time No Way (The 3 Retreat)

Argus They Were Weaklings

Damaras Aggred Now What

Vekar Knocker Finsh The Job

Troy Ugh Fuck That Battle

Gia Aggred

Troy Yes Argus Is A Tough Warrior But Hes Dumb

Jayden Yes Aggred

Troy Holly Fuck Its The Previous Red Ranger

Ji And Me

Jayden So Wtf Are U Doing Here

Jayden The Proto Disc Will Help U Stop That Warrior

Troy Aww Yeah Can I Write My Name On Ur Back

Jayden gagf

Troy Bastard

Gosei Rangers His Back

Knocker Laughs

Troy Were Comi8ng Huh Oh Yeah Gess What Weve Got

Knocker I Don't Care But You Will Be Destroyed

Jayden Super Force Mode Supwer Striker

Knocker Ugh Fools

Emma Supewr Saber


Knocker Ugh

Jayden Legendary Ninja Storm Mode

(The 5 Ninja Storm Rangers Slash Knocker)

Knocker Ugh...Fools

Troy Now Il Use The Proto Disc

Knocker What?

Troy Proto Slash


Knocker No-


Damaras Levira Make Him Grow

Levira Aggred Saterlight Beem

Knocker Ha

Troy Ok Since Ur Being Retarted Super MegaStrike Megazord

Knocker Fool U Will Never Destroy me

Troy Super Saber Super Strike


Knockout Ha.....It Takes More Than That To Defeat Me

Troy Then Preppes Its Time Stroop Megazord Stroop Saber


Knockout Ugh...Legends-


Troy Awww Yeah

Jayden So Theve Learned Again

Ji Yes Aggred Antino Had Cancer Today So Lets Go Back And See If His All Right

Jayden kkk

(The 2 Go)

Troy Well The Proto Disc Helped Us

Jake Yes It Did

The End

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Air date 23 March 2014
Written by User:Swap29
Directed by User:Sandmonster 10
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Where Gia Knocks The One
The Tiger Sprirt Returns

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