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Sledge Returns (As A Hobo And Orders Shit To Be Moved) He Also Joins Forces With Snide And Sends A Warrior Out To St Fight The Rangers

Transcript Edit

(In Lord Arcannons Ship Snide Returns)

Snide This Is My Ship Now-


Sledge I Don't Think So Scum

Snide Who The Fuck- Sledge Ahh Yes Lets Teamup

Sledge Slliance Fury Come

Fury Master Lord Arcannon Was Destroyed

Sledge Fine We'll Team Up But Fix This Shit Up

(In The Dino Base The 8 Rangers With Keeper Are Celbrateing)

Tyler We Fucked Arcannon For Good

Kendall Aggred

(In The Ship Sledge Stops The Dark Energem)

Sledge Ahh Yes My Beauty (Gets The Dark Energem) Its Time To Make A Dino Universe

(In The Dino Café Riley Is Checking The Tables)

Riley This Tables Small Get Rid Of It (Trows It Outside) (He Sees Chairs) Too Small (Trows It Outside) (Looks At The Spoons) Nope (Trows Em Out) Nah (Trows The Cups Out) (Kendall Comes In Mad)


Riley kkk

(In The City Street Warrior Is Attacking The Bildings The 7 Rangers Rush Out To The Fight)

Tyler Oh No

Street Fighter Oh Yes You Silly Baffoon

Tyler Dino Charger 1

Shelby 2

Chase 3

Riley 4

Koda 5

Ivan 6

Zenowing 10

Ivan Lets Go Ultra Mode

Street Fighter No Lets Not




(The 7 Are Wacked)

Sledge Laughs I'm Back

Tyler Its Sledge

Street Fighter Yes And Now Your Doomed

Ivan Sledge How Did You Surive

Sledge Well After The ship Crashed

(1 Year Ago)

Super Sledge I'm Angry

Fury Sledge Nows Not The Time To Show Off Your Muscles Cos Were Going Down

Sledge Get Fucked Fury I'l Fucking Show Off My Guns Whenever I Want To

Curio Furys Right

Wrench Oh Shit

Tyler Ok Time To Jump Like Ironman (The 8 Jump Out The Airlock And The Villians And The Ship CRASH) Oh No Sledges Gone Yes

Chase Good Riddance

(In The Crashed Ship)

Sledge Fill In For Me When I'm Gone

Snide Yes Master

Sledge Laughs The Rangers Will Be Sorry

(In China Sledge Planets A Camera In The Ground)

Sledge Fools

(It Turns Into A Big egg)

Sledge The Rangers Are About To Get A Supprise Of Epicness


Sledge That's How I Survived

Tyler Well Your Still Going Down Dino Ultra Blast




(A Egg Appres Blocking Tylers Attack)

Sledge This Is My Egg Its Time

(The Egg Cracks And A Dinochickenaligatardragon Comes Out)

Sledge Meat Your Doom

Dino Dragon Yes (Breathes Fire On The Rangers They Unmorph)

Tyler Shit This Things Powerful

Street Fighter Il Finsh You

Kendall No Tyler Summon The Dino Batrey Power Cannon

Tyler kkk Dino Charger 84 Dino Batrey Power Cannon

Street Fighter Oh Shit

Tyler Fire




Sledge -___________- He Was Weak Anyways Enlarge

(St Fighter Grows)

Tyler Oh No Dino Max Tung Taffie Lamp Master Megazord Master Mode Fireball Strike




Street Fighter Fools....I'm Invisable-




Tyler Your Finshed

(In Sledges Ship)

Sledge Ugh Snide You Failed To Destroy The Power Rangers While I Was Away You Shall Suffer

Snide No Master Please

Fury Yes Destroy Him

Sledge No (Pulls Out A Button To A Bomb) This Will Destroy The Earth

(In The Dino Base)

Keeper Sledge Is Back And HesPlainng Something

Tyler So Whatts The Plan

Zenowing We Stop Him

To Be Contined.....

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Air date 12 November 2016
Written by User:Ancy


Directed by User:Dreammaker 34
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The Arcannon Ambush
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