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Troy Goes Into The Dino Café And Bosses The Dino Rangers Around Keeper Gets Him And Tells Him To Stop Being A Dick Meanwhile Vrak Returns And Plots Aginst Sledge Btw Its Christmas And Kendall Does Not Get Any Presents From Keeper

Transcript Edit

(In The Dino Café Troy Is Wallking Torwads The Kitchen To Tyler)

Troy This Café Is Dumb

Tyler Hey man Wtf Do You Want

Troy Nothing So Back Off

Tyler You Back Off

Troy Fine (Leaves)

(In Sledges Ship)

Fury What He Looks Famlier (Looks Closer Its Reviled To Be The Red Megaforce Ranger) Ahhh Yes IK Him

(In The Dino Café)

Tyler Whatts Your Problen You Just Came In Here And Stormed At Us

Troy Yes Because Look (Eats Something Teeth Break) This Tastle Shit

(In CC)

Gosei Tensou Get The Other Rangers

Tensou ytjghfitouyifyouyifuiytft

Gosei Ugh Retarted

(In The Dino Base)


Troy Yeah So?

Tyler Also Loose The Autude

Keeper ^

Koda Why Did You Storm Into Our Café And Tell Us Were Shit

(The 5 Other Megaforce Rangers Appre)

Gia Because Vraks Back

Tyler Who The Fuck Is Vrak

Keeper A Villian In Power Rangers Megaforce

Tyler Oh

Orion Hes Plainng Revenge On Us

(In A Base)

Vrak Ugh Morons I Will Rize Again That Fool Mavro Hes Crew Was Pathetic I Am The Real Deal Rapper Scratcher Destrack The Rangers

RaPPER Yes Sir

(In Sledges Ship)

Wrench Whos He

Fury Vrak That Nicom Poop He'll Eat My Sorwad

Sledge Wrench Fury Go Down And Tallk To Him I Got Plans For Him Laughs

(In The Base Vrak Is Wallking Around Fury & Wrench Appre)

Vrak Backoff Fools

Fury No I Don't Think So We Come To Take A Message Of Sledge Since Poisandra The Vagina Was Destroyed I Sledge Wants You To Take Out The Rangers

Vrak mmmm Yes

Fury You Have ToTake Out 12

Vrak 12? Really Fools Kingsmen

Kingsmen 2 At Your Serves Vrak

Vrak Fine But Your Helping

Fury Yes Aggred Fool No Were Not (They Return Back To Sledge) Its Done The Message Is Sent Vrak Has Tooken The Bait

Sledge Now He'll Fall For The Trap

(A Beep Goes Off The 12 Run To The Cloud Area)

Tyler So Wheres The Warrior

Vrak Right Here Fools

Troy Vrak You Returned Again

Vrak Ahhh Yes I Have See My Sexiest Mode Of Em All (Goes Super Vrak)

Troy Oh Shit

Tyler Guys Lets Shut Him Up

Troy Super Force Power

Tyler Dino Charger Energize

(The 12 Morph)

Ivan Lets Take It To This Vermon

Vrak No Lets Take It To You




Ivan Ugh Shit

Vrak What Some Dino Fuckers


(The 6 Dino Charge Rangers Unmorph)

Vrak Fools

Troy Your The Fool Here (Grabs Vrak)

Vrak No I Don't Think So





(The 5 Super Megaforce Rangers Unmorph)

Tyler Ugh

Troy Aggred

Vrak Kingsmen Finsh Em

Kingsmen 2 Yes Lord Vrak

(They Get Reddy To Blast The Rangers But Keeper Shoots The Kingsmen)

Keeper Vile Cretures

Vrak What Who Are You

Keeper (Smokes) I Am Keeper The Gardens Of The Energems The Husband Of Julie Andrews And-

Tyler Keeper Wtf You Count Ask Her Out On A Date In 1975

Keeper Ahh Yes I Do Remember That

Vrak Eongh Tallk More Fight


Troy Ok Vrak Ive Had Eongh Of You I'm Taking You Apart Legendary Cannon


(Vrak Reflects It Back At Him He Unmorphs)

Vrak You Are a Moron Troy You Think Your Powerful Your Not And I'm Going To Slice Your Meat Say Goodbye Troy (Preppers To Destroy Him)

Tyler Think Again Bug Dino Cycle


Vrak Fucking Idiot-


Tyler Troy You've Gotta Stop Being Silly

Troy Shutup I Can Take Him On My Own

Tyler Wtf

Troy Nevermind His Going Down (The 12 Morph)

Vrak Ugh....Spastick

Troy Your The Only Spastick I See Ultimate Legendary Saber Slash


Noah Slash


Jake Slash


Emma Slash


Gia Slash


Orion Super Sper


Tyler Dino Ultra Blast


Koda Dino Ultra Blast


Riley Dino Ultra Blast


Chase Dino Ultra Blast


Shelby Dino Ultra Blast


Ivan This Is For Hurting The Megaforce Rangers Dino Ultra Blast


Vrak F-u-c-k-u-r-a-n-g-e-r-s-


Ivan Scumbag

Rapper Ahhh You Missed Us

Sledge Grow Vrak This Will Be The Perfect Time To Destroy All 12 Rangers At Once

(Vrak Grows)

Vrak I Don't Need Your Help Of Growing

Tyler Troy Handle These Cunts We Will Shut Vrak Up

Vrak Ahhh Finaly Il Face The Dino Muntts

Tyler Dino Max Lamp Taffie Tung Master Megazord

Ivan Ptera Shark Wolf Megazord

Tyler & Ivan Ptera Master Wolf Megazord

Tyler Lets Turn Him Into Shit

Vrak You Cant

Koda I Wont Bet On It Master Strike


Vrak Ugh....Shitheads

Ivan Ptera Wings Final Strike


Troy Mega Rangers Time To Shut This Shit Up

Rapper Il Rap You Into Dust

Troy No You Wont Legendary Cannon

Scratcher Il Proteck Him

Troy Fine Fire



Troy Dead


Vrak The Dino Rangers Are History

Ivan No Were Not Lets Do A New Formation Lamp Shark Tung Megazord Tung Slash


Vrak Ugh....Curse You Gold Ranger

Ivan Shut Up Lets Go Shark Bite Mode Shark Bite Mode Actvate Strike


Vrak Holly Shit-


Ivan Oh Yeah Christmas Is Ours

(Later In The Dino Café The 6 Wallk In And Thank The Other 6 For bs)

Ivan Yeah That Was Fun

Troy Aggred

Kendall Keeper Do I Get A Present

Keeper NO

Kendall Ugh

Troy Yes I Was A Rude Pig Befor But Now Its kkk

Tyler Aggred Just Don't Do It Again

The End

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Air date 25 December 2015
Written by User:Letter guy

User:Wikias Dead

Directed by User:Dreammaker 34
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