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The Rangers Celbrate Christmas But Gosei Dosent Leviras Latest Warrior Attacks Orion In The Woods And Steals His Super Mode

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(Ernie Is Playing Guitar Very Bad)

Orion You Suck At That

Ernie Fuck Up Ive Been Playing Since 1984 I'm In A Band Called Metallica

Troy Mental As Anything Oh IK Them

Ernie Mettallica Idiot And Who tf Is Mental As Anything

Troy A Band 1980s Band

(In The Armada)

Levira Mavro Since Vekar Is Gone Along With Vrak Can I Have A Shot

Mavro No

Levira Fine (Storms Out Angry)

Redker Shes A Fucking Pussy

Mavro Aggred

(Levira Wallks Down The Hallway)

Levira That Moron Mavro He'll Pay Kingsmen Attack The Silver Ranger I Have Plans For Him

Kingsmen 2 Yes Mamm

(Troy Is Being A Idiot)

Troy Hey Gosei I Can Count To 10 1 4 7 3 2 8 5 6 9 10

Gosei (Smokeing) (Laughs His Ass Off) Fucking No You Cant

Tensou Why

Gosei Its 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Troy Oh 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 10

(Gosei Contines To Laugh)

(The Others Are Helping Mr Burley Move Out Of The Staue Of Libartey)

Mr Burley Ahh Yes Look I Wrote 69 On The Staue

Orion That's Disrespecting Ther Class You Ass

Mr Burley Ahh Yes It Is

Orion Ugh And Its Suppses To Be Christmas

Mr Burley Yes Jeuess Birthday Happy Birthday Juesses

Jesses (Gives Him The Thumb)

Mr Burley Now Lets Stop Being Idiots And Keep Working

(Troy Comes)

Troy Ello Burley Remember When We Looked At Porn In 1977

Mr Burley I'm Triggered

Troy Why

(The Rangers Are Attacked By Kingsmen)

Kingsmen 2 Lets Go

Troy Oh Shoot Hey Mr Burley Can You

Mr Burley Nah (Drinks Wiszkey) I Wanna Watch Another Ep Of Power Rangers

Troy Fine Super Force Mode Red

Gia Yellow

Jake Green

Emma Pink

Noah Blue

Orion Silver

(The Rangers Run Up And Use The Strike Sabers To Destroy The Kingsmen It Works)

Orion So That Was All

Mr Burley I'm A Asshole Hes A Asshole

Orion Um Denis Larey BS

Mr Burley Yep (Smokes)

(The Rangers Return Back To Class Orion Goes In The Woods And Is Attacked By 2 Kingsmen & The Christmas Warrior)

Orion Oh Shit

Kingsmen 2 You Will Abey Us

Orion Oh No

Kingsmen 1 Beholde The Christmas Warrior

CW Ahh Yes I'm Invisable

Orion Ok Super Force Mode Silver Silver Cannon





(The Kingsmen Are Destroyed Orion Slashs The Christmas Warrior Orion Is Then Wacked By Redker)

Redker I Knew This Was Leviras Plan

Orion You Again

(69 Years Ago)

(A Town Is Living In Peace And Redker Destroys It)

Orion (Spys From The Top Of The Hill) Bastard


Orion Your The Mungral That Destroyed That City

Redker Yes That City Was Weak Like You Rangers

(Orion Charges To Redker But Redker Strikes Orion He Unmorphs)

Redker I'm Powerful

Orion Ugh

(Redker Is Shot By Troy The Other 5 Arrive)

Troy So You Wanna Peace Of Us

Redker No Thanks (Retreats)

Christmas Warrior Uh Oh

Troy Slash


Emma Slash


Jake Slash


Noah Slash


Gia Slash


Orion Super Silver Slash


CW No-


(Redker Wallks In The Armada)

Redker That Weakling Just Failed

Damaras Levira

Levira On It Saterlight Beem

(CW Grows With The 2 Kingsmen)

Troy Ok Super Mega Christmas Megazord Oh Yeah Lets Finsh This

Emma Super Mega Strike Slash


(The Kingsmen Are Destroyed)

CW Uh Oh

Orion ThunderBolt Megazord Weve Saved The Best For You Silver Slash


CW No-


oRION Oh Yeah

Redker Master Mavro That Plan Sucked

Damaras aggred

Mavro Very Well Levira

Levira Yes Master

Mavro Get Out

Levira Yes (Leaves The Room)

Orion Hey Gosei You Celbrateing Christmas With Us


Orion Fuq You

The End

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Air date 25 December 2014
Written by User:Cokedragon

User:Letter guy

Directed by User:Stranger26
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