Plot Edit

The Rangers Crash The Base (Breaking Sculpins Shit Leanbow Attacks Em And Captures Nick & Lets Them Go (In The Prosses) Sculpin Tells Nick To Master The Ultimate Spell Code That No One Has Ever Mastered

Triva Edit

The Master & Necriall Get Destroyed in this Ep When The Rangers Destroy The Base

Transcript Edit

(The Rangers get To The Entrance To The Base)

Nick Now What

Koragg Leave

Nick Oh Shit Leanbow Stop This Bullshit

Koragg I Dont Think So

Nick Thats It Cyucles


Koragg No Fool

(The Rangers Bardge In Sculpins Arrea)

Master What Rangers U Figerd Out Our Base What Morons U r

Nick This Ends Now Power Mode Strike


Master Oh IUl Get U For that

(The master Suks Nicks Power Modes Up)

Master Yum

Nick Ugh Battleizer

Master Oh Il Suk That Up 2

Nick Fire Strike


Master Weak Useless Ranger

Nec Now Il Escape

Daggreon No U Dont Mystic Mode Fire Strike




Nick Ha Lets Destroy The Place

Sculpin Lets Go Terrors We'll Betray Nec & Our Foolish Master

Nick Cannon




Master & Nec Impossable-


Nick Yea

Sculpin Yes No More Annoying Master We'll Be Reddy For them Fuckheads

Nick Yea We Shut Them Up

Undonna But Leanbow

Koragg What Morons They r Im At Serves To U Master Sculpin

Sculpin Draw The Rangers Oiut

Koragg Yes Sculpin

Nick Ok Lets Go Cycles


Nick Ugh

Koragg Hello Red Ranger Being Foolish

Nick Battleizer Power Mode Wow Yes

Koragg U Fool


(Koragg Brings Nick To the Base)

Koragg I Brougyt Him

Sculpin Good Wake Up (Bangs Ground) Ur Going To Master A Ultimate Code That Noone Has Ever Mastered

Nick ugh Wtf No Im Not

Sculpin Yes Or Il Kill U


Daggreon IK Nicks Missing

Undonna And Leanbows Evil

Vida I Have A Plan

To Be Contined/The End

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Season {{{season}}}, Episode {{{number}}}
Air date 10 Dec 2006
Written by User:OmniDragon10/User:Death88
Directed by User:Stranger26/User:Awesome Fun
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Terror War
A Terror Finale Part 2

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