Plot Edit

Dr Animo Puts On Shit In Frount Of Maxs Vistores Max Smakes animo In The Mounth And Animo Crys

Charcters Edit

Ben (11 and 16 Year Old)


Max (66 And 60 Years Old)

Vistor 1

Vistor 2

Vistor 3

Gwen (11 Years Old)

Villians Edit

Dr Animo (flashback And Present)

Aliens Used By Ben 11 Edit

Four Arms




Aliens Used By ben 16 Edit

Kicken Hawk

Transcript Edit

Ben Ahhh Lets

Dr Animo Suck My Fucking Dick Tennyson

Ben Eat My Shit

Max Ahhh This Way

Vistor 1 Well Isnt It Here

Dr Animo Not These Fucks Again

Ben -_____- Hes Being A Fuck Max

Max Well I Got Something To Say

Dr Animo :) Fuck U Cunts

Vistor 2 Why Do We Have To Piut Up Wth This shit

Dr Animo Oh You Dont Lets Tell Storys

(5 Years Ago)

Ben Guys I Found poo Under Maxs Jocks

Max Have You Been Wareing My Jocks Ben

Ben Ahhhhh Yes

Max Fuckhead

Ben :P

Gwen not Funny Ben You Had Ausel Sex Wth Me Once

Ben Goodtimes Goodtimes

Gwen :( No Bad Times Bad Times

Max Gwen Your A Retart

Gwen kk

Ben Uh Oh whos This Idiot

Dr Animo Ha Benjy

Ben Not Gayface Again

Four Arms Yeah

Dr Animo No Benjy Pooface

Four Arms Really Frogface

Ben Oh Man

Ben (in 16 Self) I Donty Give A Shit Abut These Storys Dr Panimo

Dr Animo (in present) Boo We Dont Have Time For Visting

Ben Ugh Gwen Use druyhdiyogdyeutfiyg6 Spell

Gwen 5y08trutiyuiutirdfycg

Dr Animo Fool I Hate Gwen Sluts Spells

Gwen Slut? Whatts A Slut

Max noybn

Ben Ok Since


Ben Not This Plumbers Shit Again

Gwen ikr

Max Slliance Animos On The Countdown

Animo Please Help

Man Fuck You

Dr Animo Hell Down To You Power

Man Get The Fuck Out

Dr Animo Screw You


Ben Hero Time

Upgrade Yes Guys Warm Off Animo

Animo No Benjy

Upgrade Fool Your Annoying

Animo Fuck Your Shit Im Sersley Fucking Had Eongh Of Your Freaking Shit

Upgrade Thank U

Ben No

Animo Drop Ur Weapons Or You See Here The Man Gets It

Ben Theres Still A Way To Stop This Shit

Dr Animo Never You Are Simply A Bitch

Ben Your The Biytch Around Here

Dr Animo Fool I Hate Dicks Likre You So long Sucker

Ben Hero Time

Upchuck Il eat


Upchuck Huh O Fucking

Dr animo Yes History Your History

Ben No

Wildvine The Leavers Going To Fall On Us



Ben Ugh

Dr Animo No Ugh

Police your Underarrest For Trying To Destroy A Hero

Ben Suck Me Dick Animo

(5 Years Later)

Vistor 3 No More Shit From U

Ben ikr

Max Eongh

Ben mmmm

Kicken Hawk Ha


Max Now Lets See What Ha[ppens When I Do


The End

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Season 1/2, Episode 58/35
Wildvine Being A Dick
Air date 24 November 2013
Written by Greg Jaz
Directed by Charlie Haskell
Episode Guide
The Plumbers Return For Revenge
The Forever Fucks Return

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