Plot Edit

Tommy Encors His Great Great Great Grandfather After He Faces Goldar His 3 Great Grandfather Tells Tommy To Betray The Rangers & Destroy Zordon And He Turns Tommy Evil

Transcript Edit

Zordon Rangers U Will Be Gettuing New Weapons Now

Tommy kk

Zordon We Must Use The Shark Cannon For Viles Creaters

Tommy Yes

Kim A Attack

A Whitew Stranger Ahhh The White Ranger

Kim Shark Cannon




Kim Ugh

A White Stranger RANGERS!

Kim U Again

A White Stranger Hello White Ranger

Tommy Who Are U


Scorpina Its The White Stranger

Tommy Backoff M8

Scorpina Shutup Ur Mine

Tommy Shark Cannon


A White Stranger No White Ranger

Scorpina Calling For Ur-


Tommy Back Off

A White Stranger Im Your Great reat Grsat Grandfather U Fool

Tommy Wat Impossable

Scorpina Vile Will Smash U

Vile Goldar Wat Scorpina Failed

Rito Yes Scorpina Has Always Been A idiot

Vile Ugh Eongh Ur Excusses Mean Nothing To Me But The White Stranger Dose

The White Stranger Tommy Betray Zordon & Destroy The Rangers

Tommy Why & No Way

Tommy Huh

Kim A Attack

Rito Humans Prepper For The Destroction


Rocky No Ur Out

Kim Shark Cannon


Rito Ugh My Warrior Vile Do Something

Vile Fire The Vileater

Goldar FIRE

Tommy White Tigerzord White Blast


West Warrior Ahhhh The Rangers Will Fall

Kim Ugh No

Zordon Use The Stormper Megazord

Adam Stormper Megazord Final Blade


West Warrior Fated To Black-


Vile Ugh Another Fail But The White Stranger Hasnt Failed Yet

Tommy No

A White Stranger Yes U WillCRASH

A White Stranger Go Fight The Rangers To The Death

Tommy Yes Aggred

To Be Contined.....

A White Stranger Part 1
Season 3, Episode 49
Air date 5 August 1995
Written by Judd Lynn

User:Rest 23 Will Fouracres

Directed by Mike Smith
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