Plot Edit

Tommy Defeats 5 Rangers And Ninja And He Destroys CC Meanwhile Aisha Has Trouble Wth School

Transcript Edit

Zordon Tommy Come In

Tommy Yes Old Man

Zordon U Will Respect Ur Alders

Tommy -___- kk

Kim Tommy Wheres


Tommy Dont Worry Im After The Rangers Next Thew Others Will Fall To My Sorwad

Adam No Zordon We Defeated The West Warrior

Zordon Then WatsThat

West Warrior Im Back Fools Vile Has Restored Me

Vile This Warrior Will Destroy The Rangers They Thought They Could Defeat Me No They Cant And Thery Shall Be Destroyed

Tommy Hey Adam

Adam Wat


Vile Yes 2 Rangers Down 3 To Go Then I'l Rule Earth

Billy Ha Wheres Tommy

Tommy Here Billy


Aisha So The Rest Are Captured By Who

Zordon IDK Tommy Hasnt

Tommy Yes Zordon Prepper For Destroction

Zordon Tommy There U Are

Tommy Fuck Off

Zordon No Tommy Dont Be Foolish

Tommy Fine But I'l Be Back

Zordon No Tommy

(Tommy Telports)

To Be Contined...

A White Stranger Part 2
Season 3, Episode 50
Air date 12 August 1995
Written by Judd Lynn
Directed by Peter Salmon
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