Plot Edit

Diablocciol Tells The Queen Abut The Princes Death The Queen Dose Not Give A Shit And Seends A Warrior Out At The End Vypra Attacks The Queen Wth Vypra Ending Up Being Destroyed

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Air date 22 November 2000
Written by User:Pan 21

User:Letter guy

Directed by User:Stranger26
Episode Guide
The Princes Final Stand (Lightspeed Rescue)
Queen Vs The Planet


Dia Queen Olmpuis Has Been Destroyed

QB I Dont Give A Fuck So Yea

Dia Ok

QB Sock Warrior

SW Yes Im Here

QB Destroy The Power Rangers

SW Yes

Mitchell Rangers Weve Destroyed Olmpuis Now For The rest A Attack

Carter Huh Where


SW Im Here

Carter Who r u

SW Sock Warrior 

Ryan Blaster Stick Mode


SW How Abut Death


Ryan Ugh

Loki Rangers

Ryan Loki?

Loki Yes Its Me Milles




Carter Lets Get This Shit Over Cannon


SW No-


Loki Ugh

Dia Rangers So I See U Have Destroyed The Qyueens Warrior Staff Do Ur Thing There How Abut That Rangers

SW Yes Im Bak

Carter Sox Megazord

Ryan Swap Megazord Final Strike


SW Impossable-


Ryan Yea

(Vypra Sneaks Up To The Queen wth her Sorwad And Is Abut \To Slash Her When The Queen Grabs Her)

QB Did U Rlly Think U Would Destroy Me That Easley

Vypra No It Was Mestake

QB Fuck Off It Wasnt


Vypra No-


Dia Huh Vypra Shes Gone

QB If Ur Hiding Behinde Ther Diafuckfool Get Out Of There

Dia Oh No I Was Justr Watching U Kill That Stupid Brat Vypra She Was A Slut She Shall Be Destroyed Soon 

QB Aggred

Dia Stupid Queen Cost One Of My Generals To Be Destroyed

The End

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