Plot Edit

The Gold Zeo Crystel Is Found By Sprocket He Gives It To Mondo And Mondo Sends The Snag Warrior To Destroy TheRangers

Transcript Edit

Orbus So Mondo Has Slashed U Befor

Klank Yes That Time

(23 Yrs Ago)

Mondo Klank Serve Me And We'll Rule The Earth Together

Klank No

Mondo Take This


Klank At Ur Serves


Klank He Was A Imatled Fool

Orbus He'll Pay

Mondo Where Is Klank Now Klank Show Urself

Sprocket Go Snag Warrior And While I Do That I'l Watch TV

Baby Boy 1 2 3 Make Me Wee 4 5 6 Give Me A Lick 7 8 9 Made U a pie 10 Where Going To Watch Ben 10


Sprocket Boo

Mondo Stop Wat- Huh

TV Reporter We Found Tis Crystel

Mondo The Gold Zeo Crystel Bastard Sprocket Go After It While I Locate Klank

Zordon Wat The Gold Zeo Crystel

Tommy Theres No Such Thing

Zordon Wrong Rangers 10000,0000 Yrs Ago I Was Attacked

(Zordon as human Wallking)

Zordon Ahh The Zeo Crystel Is Safe & Sou-


Mondo Ahhh Old Man Its Mine (he gets It)


Zordon Yes IK

Tommy A Attack

Snag Warrior Cooking Up Humans Is My Job

Tommy Not Anymore Cycles


SW Fool U Think Thats Good Eongh Well Ur Wrong

Klank Orbus Mondo Is Being A fool Watt The Snag Warrior I Remember Him

(10 Yrs Ago)

Klank Snag Warrioer Please Dont

SW Too Bad


Klank My Famliy Was Destroyed Now He'll Repay It Wth His Own

Tommy Huh Saber Shinng Saber


Snag Warrior Pathetic

Sprocket I Should Find It Somewhere Here There Its Mine (he gets the crystel)

Mondo Yes My Plan Is Working Out Fine

Klank SNAG

SW Klank

Mondo Watt

Klank Ur Going To Psay The Price

SW Ahhh Klank Fool


Tommy Cannon Klank Hold Him

Klank Fuck Up I Dont Think So


(Tommy Unmorphs)

Zordon Tommy The Wheel U Shall Get It

Klank Snag Remember That Time

SW Yesa How Could I Forgett

Klank You Were Foolish

SW Ur A Bastard


Adam Final Cannon


Klank No Thanks U Can Have It Back


A=(the 4 Unmorph)

Klank Ur Next Snag Prepper For Ur Doom

Snag Ur More Of A Cunt Than A Hero

Klank U shall Die

SW No U Shall


Klank Ugh Im Outta Here

Mondo Klank Is A Moron

Tommy Wheel Of Sparro Hey Snag

SW Wat


SW U Fool- (goes big) Now U'lle Meat My Sorwad

Tommy Zeo Megazord

SW Idiot




Tommy Ugh His Too Powerful

Klank Orbus Its Time

Mondo Klank U Moron

Klank Um Hello Mondo

Mondo Fuck Off


Klank Ugh U Fool-


Tommy How Are We Suppses To Defeat This Warrior

Zordon The Zeo Slash Megazord Use It

Tommy Zeo Slash Megazord

SW Uh Oh

Tommy Super Zeo Slash


SW U Idiot-


Mondo Ive Returned My Dear Klank Is History He Was A Fool

(meanwhile In Klanks Base Orbus Surrvies)

Orbus Ur Mine Mondo

The End

A Zeo Entrance
Season 4, Episode 84
Air date 29 April 1996
Written by Judd Lynn

Stan Berkowitz

Directed by Mike Smith
Episode Guide
5 For One 1 For Five
The Gold Man

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