Albedos New Car Edit

Albedo Goes Onto A Game Show And Wins It He Byes A Car And Shows Off To Bens Group They Go For A Ride In His Car And They Defeat Some Villians And Captin Nemiess He Tricks Em And Kiddnappes Em He Turns His Car Into A Trasformer And It Attacks The Co The Trasformer And Albedo Are Defeated Ben Takes Albedos Omnitrix Off Him And He Is Arrested After The Ep

Azmuths Beard Comes Alive Edit

He Made A Cameo In This Ep When Azmuths Beard Asked Him For A Omnitrix He Said No

Triva Edit

He Could Return In The Future Eps Of Ben 10 Morons

Albedos Cameo In The 7th Ep

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