Plot Edit

Kevin Is Shot By Brickhead While Serrator Steals The Super Modes And Becoms Super Serrator

Transcript Edit

Serrator Master Xandrend I Have A Plan

Xandrend Ahhh Serrator U Got Any Warriors

Serrator Yes Il Steal The Super Modes And Il Become Super Serrator

Octoroo No Nightlock Can Have That Power

Serrator Expect Me Deker Dayu Keep That Penis Head From Foiling My Plan Of Total Destruction

Dayu Yes Sir

Ji Hey Jayden U Cant Do A Cartwheel

Jayden Yes I Can

Ji -_____________-

Jayden Wanna See

Ji Yes Bro I Do

(Jayden Dose A Cartwheel And Breaks His back)

Jayden Oh S**T Fucking Faggot

Ji Laughs Now I Get The Morpher

Jayden Suck S**T

Ji No Thanks I'm Not Going To Be Gay A Attack Go U 6

Jayden Serrator Why Dose Evreytime U Pop Up And F**K Up Evreything

Serrator Becos I Love It

Jayden Stogun Saber


Serrator That's Weak


Jayden Super Red Mode

Serrator Yes

(Serrator Gets The Super Box)

Serrator I Always Wanted To Be Super Super Serrator (Turns Into Super Serrator)

Super Serrator U Are A Fool Jayden Il Cut U

Jayden Super Red Mode Oh Yeah Stogun Saber


Super Serrator Well Well Well Whatts This


(Jayden Falls)

Mia Super Awww Fuck This Is No Fair

Super Serrator Il Tell U Whatts Unfair Ur Destroction

Jayden Oh Shit Hes Mad

Brickhead Laughs Fools

Jayden Oh Crap

Kevin JAyden Weve Gotta take it to Plan 2

Jayden Aggred

Kevin Il Take On Brickhead Legendary Cannon Commbind




Serrator Ugh Thew Super Mode

Jayden F**K Yeah Now Super Red Mode

Serrator No

Brickhead Laughs

Jayden Arki Megazord Lets Take This On Arki Style

Brickhead Take These Bricks




Jayden Ugh Super Arki Punch


Brickhead I....Am.....Invisable

Jayden No U Arent Super Fireball Strike




Serrator Please I'm Sorry Xandrend I Tried My Best

Xandrend GET OUT

Serrator Yes Deker Yes The Spell Of Elation Soon The Rangers Will Pay

Deker And Xandrend

Dayu And U Laughs

The end

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Season {{{season}}}, Episode {{{number}}}
Air date 1 September 2012
Written by User:Swap29


Directed by User:Stranger26
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The left-ed Sorwad
A Reademption

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