Plot Edit

The Silver Morpher Is Found By Some Humans Vypra Attacks Em For It And One Human Takes It Away

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Red Ranger Does Shit
Air date 28 May 2000
Written by User:Energem


Directed by User:Ernief0000
Episode Guide
A eyesight To See
A Plan Of Power (Lightspeed Rescue)


Vypra Please Diablocciol I Failed U

Dia Yes And The Silver Morpher Is Still Not In My Hands

Vypra Il Go After it

Mitchell I A Dissapointed in ur foolishness

Dana It Was Not Our Fault

Mitchell Yes It Was Actley

Dia Rangers Come And Fight Me

Dana Lets Go

Dia ahhh 5 Rangers Easy As Hell

Dana No Ur Goiing Down

Dia No Im Not U r


Carter Cannon


Dia Huh

Rippster I Am Lokis Warrior

Dia Handle em

Human thie Silver Morephher Is In Here

Vypra Ha


Vypra Yes Its Mine

Carter Blaster


Carter Ugh

Ripper U Think Ur Strong Ur Not

Mitchell Orb Moder Now

Carter Orb Mode Fire Strike


Human Yes Ive Got It

Vypra The Silver Morpher Where Is It

Dia Yes A Part Of My Plan Is Working

The End/To Be Contined....

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