Plot Edit

As Tenya Fails To Defeat The Rangers Venjix Destroys Her T9o Prevent Dillon From Finding Her Meanwhile Ziggy Looses A Importen Device That Dr K Needs To Create A New Megazord

Transcript Edit

Tenya Ugh

Venjix Failer U Failed Evreything

Tenya Master I Have A Scroll The Degend Scroll

Venjix I Will Take That (Takes The Scroll) Ur Useless Tenya

(Venjix Destroys Tenya)

Venjix Crunch Ur The Onl6y General I Have Now So U Better Fillfill Ur Role Hook Me Up Again

Crunch Yes Sir

(Venjix Is Hooked Up By Crunch)

Venjix I'm Back

Crunch Master Now Whatt

Venjix Ive Got Some Rangers To Destroy

Scott Dr K So Now Whatt

Dr K (Flushs Her Vagina Out)

Scott Sersley Ur F**King Rood

Venjix Rangers Come Out And Face Me

Scott Were Here

Venjix Ahhh The Red Ranger Prepper To Suffer


(Scott Unmorphs)

Venjix Its Time To Die I'm Going To Eonjoy This

Scott Level Mode Street Striker



Gemma Were Here

Scott Guys Venjix Is Back

Venjix Ugh Red Ranger Ur Going To Smell My Feet

Scott Never Sorwad Cannon


Venjix Back At U


(The Rwed Gold & Silver Rangers Unmorph)

Venjix Its Been Fun Playing Wth U Now Il Track Ur Pathetic Friends And Destroy Them 2

Scott Ugh No

Ziggy Dillon Wtf

Dillon U Stfu Ziggy

Venjix Hello Rangers

Ziggy Venjix U Attacked Us Thew Other Day That's y Ur Going Down

Venjix Green Ranger Ur A Idiot

Dillon Black Power Saber


Venjix Did U Really Think That Would Harm Me Weak


Dillon Ha

Venjix Take This


(Ziggy Unmorphs)

Dillon U Protecked Me

Venjix Yes But He Wont Proteck U From This


(Dillon Telports)

Venjix Fucking Corwad

Dillon Ugh Dr K Venjix Is Out There He Knocked Ziggy Out I Brought Hium Here

Dr K F$$K That's Harmless Shit

Dillon Really

Flynn Hey Summer Wtfs This

Venjix Its Ur Doom

Flynn Venjiux U Again

Venjix Yes Time To Pay


(The 2 Rangers Unmorph)

Summer I'm About To.....Kick His Arse

Venjix Laughs U Cant Ur Pathetic

Dillon Ya


Dillon Guys Lets Go

(Dillon Telports Summer & Flynn To The Base)

Dillon His Knocking Out Pepole His Knocked Out 4 Rangers

Dr K Witch Is y Ur Not Going Out Ther Till Ther Better

Summer We Understand

(Venjix Grows)

Venjix Its Time To Crash The Rangers

Summer Oh Shit His Big

D4r K No I Cant Afford To Loose A Fucking Another Ranger

Dillon Yea Aggred

Flynn We Cant Let Him Trash The Cit5y

Summer Well Sorry But Were Leaving

(Flynn & Summer Leave)

Dillo9n U 2 No

To Be Contined...

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Air date 26 November 2009
Written by User:Death88

User:Swap29 User:Awesome Fun User:Candy Give Me It

Directed by User:Stranger26


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