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Riley Takes The Bus To The Library But Is Attacked By A Affrican Warrior Who Fights Like A Monkey He Defeats Riley In Battle Kendall Uploads Dino Charger 69 For Riley So He Can Destroy The Warrior

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(In The Dino Café Tyler Is Serving Evreyone Doughnuts)

Tyler Here ya Are

Guy Wait This Is A Doughnut Shop Now

Tyler YUS

Riley Actley It Isnt (Riley Is Flicked By Someone)

Riley Ugh

Someone Fool It Is

(In Sledges Ship)

Sledge Fury You Havent Got That Remote You Fool

Fury Master The Rangers Ther 2 Strong

Sledge No You Are Weak

Fury Fool (Leaves The Room)

Poisandra Master Sledge Please Allow Us To Get Married

Sledge No

Poisandra Ugh (Leaves The Room)

(In The Dino Café)

Kendall Ok You Are All Workers Here

Tyler Are Not I'm Just Staying Till I Destroy The Villians

Chase Me 2

Shelby Me 3

Riley Whateves

Koda Me Stupid

(In Sledges Ship The Affrican Warrior Tries To Escape But Sledge Shoots Him)

Sledge You Think You Can Escape

Affrican Warrior Listen Il Get You The Remote & The Energems If You Let Me Free

Sledge Fine You Fail Me And Your Dead

Affrican Warrior Yes Sir

(Tyler Then Is Doing The Dishes)

Tyler I Hate This Job It Fucking sucks

Riley I'm Taking A Bus

(In The Dino Base)

Keeper Kendall I Think The Rangers Need New Charges The Ones That We Gave Me Are Shit Now

Kendall We Also Need A Megazord But Stupid Writeing Is Fuqing Up The Series

Keeper Ok

(In The Jungle Book)

(Koda Swings On The Vines)

Koda Ahh Yes Me King Kong

(Koda Swings Into A Tree Hurts His Nuts)

(Riley Is Waiting For A Bus)

Riley Ugh Shit

(The Bus Comes)

(Riley Hopes On And Sits Next To Morgan Freeman)

Morgan Freeman Young Man Hand Me Some Dyrea

Riley Listen Your Being Idiotoc

Morgan Freeman IDGAF

Riley Ugh

(Riley Gets Off And Affrican Warrior Shoots Him)

Affrican Warrior Perfect

Riley Who Are You

AW Your Knightmare

(In The Dino Café Tyler Is Playing With A Ball)

Tyler Ahhh Yes This Ball Is Very Fun To Play With

Koda Kendall Needs Us

(The Rangers Get Down To The Base)

Kendall Guys Rileys Signal Is Out Can You Find Him

Koda Ryan

(Keeper Kicks Koda To China)

Koda Ugh

Keeper Go

(The Rangers Run)

Riley Ok Dino Charger 4 energize Unleash The Power

(He Morphs)

Riley Dino Saber

(Riley Runs Up And Slashs AW)

AW Laughs Fool


(Riley Falls)

Riley Ugh Shit

AW You Are A Silly Idiot Riley I'm Going To Cut You And Eat You Up

Riley No You Wont Dino Saber Energadge To Blade (He Slashs AW AW Shoots Riley)


Riley Ugh

(The Others Arrive)

Koda Me Back From China

Tyler Your Grammer Is Horrable

Koda :(

Tyler Whateves

Tyler Dino Charger 1

(He Morphs)

Shelby Dino Charger 2

(He Morphs)

Chase Dino Charger 3

(He Morphs)

Koda Dino Charger 5

(He Morphs)

Koda Lets Take It To Him

(They Run And They Slash Him)

Kendall I'm Uploading A Dino Charger For The Others To Use

(Riley Gets The Dino Gun And Shoots AW)

AW Fuck

Riley Dino Charger Weapon Actvate

(Riley Blasts AW)

AW Vivix

(The Vivix Come)

Riley Dino Weapon This Dino Charger Is Awesome

(He Blasts The Vivix Then He Strikes The Warrior)

AW Ugh-


AW No.....I Will Destroy You

Kendall There Dino Charger 69 Its Uploading Got It Riley Summon It

Riley Dino Charger 69 Awww Yeah

AW What

Riley You Asked For This So You Get It Dino Sper Strike


AW No-


(In Sledges Ship)

Sledge No Impossible Fury Pass Me The Scroll

Fury (Passes Him The Scroll) There

Sledge Where Is The Enerlarger

Fury Here (Passes Him The Enerlarger)

Sledge Enlarge My Warrior

(AW Grows)

Tyler Oh Man

Kendall Guys Ive Got Your Zords Reddy Tyler Has The Dino MAX Zord Shelby Is The Dino Tung Zord Riley Yours Is The Dino Taffie Zord Chase Yours Is The Dino Lamp Zord And Koda Your A Dick So I'll Give You The Dino Master Zord

Koda Lets Summon Em

Tyler Dino Max Zord

Shelby Dino Tung Zord

Chase Dino Lamp Zord

Riley Dino Taffie Zord

Koda Dino Master Zord

(They Get In Ther Zords)

Tyler I Can Control This Thing All Day

(AW Shoots Tylers Zord

AW VivixZord Come

(Vivix Grow)

Tyler Ha There Nothing

(Tyler Blasts Em They Turn Into Dust)

Tyler Aww Yeah

(Another Vivix Zord Grows And Shelby Summons Her Wings To Take It Apart And She Crashes It)

Shelby MotherF****r

(Another Vivix Zord Grows And Chase Shoots It With The Lamp Strike It Falls Apart)

Chase Awesome

(Another Vivix Zord Grows And It Shoots Riley)

Riley Ive Had Eongh Of This BS

(Riley Uses The Tafie Sorwad And Strikes It)

(Another Vivix Zord Grows)

Koda Now What Do I Do Do I Press This (It Becomes Hot And Fire Gets In The Zord

(Keeper Smacks Koda On The Head)

Keeper Idiot

Koda Ok Time To Act Serious Master Mode Strike

(Koda Strikes The Vivix Zord And It Is Destroyed)

Keeper Rangers Summon The Dino Master Taffie Lamp Max Tung Megazord

Tyler Ok Dino Master Taffie Lamp Max Tung Megazord

(They Go In The Megazord And Tyler Sees Porn On His Screen Koda Sees A Dumb Thing On His Chase Sees Some Girls In His And Riley Sees Brains On His And Shelby Sees A Idiot On Hers)

Shelby I Don't Want A Idiot On My Screen

Kendall Sorry But I Don't Like You

TylerLets Try This Mode Out Dino Master Mode Dino Saber

(Tyler Strikes More Vivix Zords That Come Out And Heads After The AW)

AW Uh Oh

Tyler This Is For Evreything You Did To Us

AW Wait

Tyler Dino Master Saber Strike


AW No-


Fury Them 5 Have Megazords Now And That Moron Keeper What Do We Do

Sledge I Have A Plan

(At The Dino Base)

(Tylers Energem Is Out Of Batey He Listens To U2)

Tyler Ahh This Is Better

Kendall Guys You Are The Power Rangers You Must Proteck The City From Sledge

Tyler Um Stop Listeing To U Cos Your Boring The Shits Off Me

Kendall Ugh

The End

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Air date 4 March 2015
Written by User:Swap29


Directed by User:JoseTheAlien
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Tylers Dream
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