Plot Edit

The Thunder Rangers Attack Again Defeating The Rangers And Destroying Ther Megazords Lothor & Minuns Celbrate The Victory Over The Rangers

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Cam Guys U Count Defeaty The Thunders Remember The Last Time IU Were Getting Punched To The Limit

Tori Yes We Know

Thunder Red Now Lothor Our Deal

Lothor What deal

Thiunder Red Our Money Fool


Lothor Donr Speak To me Like that dik

Thunder Blue Hands Off

Lthotr Fine Go And If U Fail U'lle Be Answering to me

Tori Hey Kelly y Have U Got Ur Feet Up

Kelly Ahh Smell Them

Tori (Smells Them) Yuck

Shane The Thunders How Do We Defeat Them

Tori IDK

Shane We Must Do Something

Dustin How Abut We fuck em To The Ground

Thundewr Red Rangers Come Out

Dustin Oh No Nigga Its Them

Thunder Bluie Our Master is A fool

Dustin Then y Do U Work For Him

Thunder Red None Of Ur Bussness

Dustin Well Lets Go


Thunder Red Eongh

Shane Loop Cannon


Thunder Red Lets Do Our Weapon

Shane What

Thunder Red Cork Cannon


(The 3 Unmorph)

Thunder Red Pozzas

Shane ugh No

Thunder Red STRIKE


(Fires All Around)

Shane No

Dustin Ive Had It

Thunder Red Lets Take This Up To The Zords

Tori Theve Got Zords

Thuinder Red Letrs Fuck These Pozas Red Sock Zord

Thunder Blue Blue Sock Zord

Tori Skim Megazord

Thunder Red Fool That Is A Weak Megazord

Shane This Works Evreytime Saber


Shane What

Thunder Red Not This Time Milles





Shane ugh

Tori No Loop Strike


Thunder Blue Oh Boo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo U Used Ur Weak Sorwad Its Time To Die


(The Megazords Fall And Are Destroyed The 3 Rangers r In The megazord)

Shane This Is Bullshit

Thunder Red Lets Strike Theser Pozas Down And Destroy Them (gets ther weapon Reddy)

Shane Shit Were Going To Die

Thunder Red Bye Bye Shanney Boy


(The megazord Is Destroyed)

Thunder Red Were Back Fool

Lothor Yes Now Abut Ur Paymeant u moron Never

Thunder Red What

(The Thunders r Trapped By Lothor)

Lothor Lets Have a Party Abut The Dewfeated Rangers

Chooboo Yea


Chooboo Yea

Lothor No More Power Rangers

(The 3 Rangers r Shown Injered And Defeated)

The End

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Lothor Celbrateing And Sinnging To PRA By LMFAO The Thunder Rangers Are Captured Too
Air date 18 March 2003
Written by User:Letter guy


Directed by User:Ernief0000 (Dricted by)

User:Of Ther 2 (co-Dricted By)

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The Thunders Come
Attack Of The Thunder Rangers Part 2

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