Plot Edit

The Thunders Strike Again And Kiddnapp Sensai (after descovering Ther base) Then The Thunders r Abut To Kill Him When Lothor Comes And Ambushes Them And Takes Sensai The Thunders Relize (again lothor killed ther Partents) And They Team Up wth The Wind Rangers To Get Sensai Bak At The End The Thunders Leave After Thinking Of How Foolish They Were

Transcript Edit

Shane HUMM Im Angry

Dustin IKR They Keep Derfeating Us

Lothor Thunders No Paymeant For U Just Eating And Crunching On Diks For u

Thunder Red U'lle Be Suking On One When We Get Out Of Here

Lothor Shutup Come Huh No


Thunder Red Lets Go Bak And Attack Them Pozas

Cam Ther Back

Shane Not Again

Dustin Screw This Lets Go

Thunder Red Hello Fool

Shane Ur Going Down

Thunder Blue U Frist

Dustin Saber


Thunder Red Ha


Cam ugh Ive Gotta Create this Weapon

Sensai Cam that toy is 2 dagreous for u ur a baby baby baby

Cam ugh

Shane Loop Cannon

Thunder Red Cork Cannon



(the 5 Unmorph)

(Revling the thunders identy

(Thunder blue is blake and red is Hunter)

Hunter Fools

Shane Go Away Pozas

Hunter Ur The Pozzer

Shane Thats It

(The Thunders Escape)

Shane Wtf

Thunder Red The base Yes We'll Head That Way The Rangers r Fools

Tori Ugh We Keep Getting Beat

Thunder Red Cam Weve Returned MAWAWAWAWA

Cam What Do U Pozzas Want

Thunder Red This


Sensai Dont Hurt Him

ThunderBlue Awww Shutup Grandpa

Sensai Ha

Thunder Red U fool


Sensai Ugh

Thunder Red Ur Weak As PissNow We'll Take U

Shane No How

Thunder Blue Hi Tori

Tori Shutup

Thunder Red Lets Get The Fuck Outta Here





Cam ugh

Shanethey Took My Golden Fishin Book

Cam And my father

Sensai let me go fools

Thunder Red Shutup Or U Get One

Sensai Oh What

Thunder Red A Nuckle Sandwitch

Sensai oh yea i love em I Like Em Wth Tamotao Wth On Them

Thunder Red GGGGGG

Lothor U Brought Him For Me

Thunder Red Get Outta The Way Old Man

Lothor Fuck Off


Thunder Red Ugh

Lothor Hes Mine


Shane hey Where Theres The Thunders

Blake awww What Do U Want

Shane Give Us The Golden Fishin Book

Tori And Sensai

Blake Oh U Mean This Peace Of Shit

Shane YUS

Blake Then Here Lotrhor Took Sensai

Tori U Piggs

Dustin Oh Ok Lets Go Rescue Him

Hunter We'll Come For Revenge On Lothor

Shane Ok

Lothor Ahhh Sensai

Shane Heyu U Give Him Bak

Lothor Never


Shane Ugh (Gets Sensai And Leraves) Guys Now

Tori Loop Cannon

Hunter Cork Cannon


(Lothor Returns Up To The Ship)

Lothor fools.....

Sensai Goodjob Buggers

Shane y r We Buggers

Sensai Just r

(Meanwhile the thunders r Wallking)

Blake Lets Go

Hunter Aggred

The End

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Lothor Sensai & The Thunders
Air date 25 March 2003
Written by User:Letter guy
Directed by User:Of Ther 2


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