Plot Edit

Finster Sends 4 Warriors Out To Destroy The Power Rangers While the 5 Handle The 4 Warriors Tommy Heads After Ritas Base To Stop Finster

Transcript Edit

Finster So Far That fool Goldar Gets All The Creat

Goldar Finster Get Up Befor I Destroy U Show Urself

Finster Master Gold Ive Got A Plan Wth 4 Monstrers I'l Destroy Em

Goldar Yes A Good Plan It Must Not Fail Or I'l Blame It On U

Finster Yes It Wont Fool Dark Specters Even In For A Good Supprise


Kim We Defeated Rita She Was Weak

Jason And Huh A attack

Finster Reddy Rangerrs Times Up

Jaso Yeah What

Raptor This Is Ur Doom

Jason One Monster Easy

Crockile No Not One 4

Flog Warrior Hahaha

Sweap Warrior U Fool

Jason Oh Crap

Finster Attack Em

Jason Tommy We Need U

Tommy Yes Im Coming

Finster Fools

Jason Ya


Tommy Im Here Shinng Mode


Finster Ugh I Gotta Retreat

Tommy Im After U

Sweap U Fool Jason Its Time

Finster No Puttys

Tommy Saber Strie


Tommy Ur Next

Finster Goldar Ive Lead Them Tommy To Our Base

Goldar U Fool Ahhh Tommy I Forgot U

Tommy Saber Strike


Goldar Wat U Fool


Tommy Yes

Jason Ther Gone U Did Good Tommy

Tommy Uh Oh Ther Big

Croksweaptorflog Hahaha

Tommy Mighty Dragon Megazord Final Strike


Croksweaptorflog U Fool-


(meanwhile at the damged base)

Goldar Finster Is Gone U 2 Are Next

The End

Attacking Finster
Season 1, Episode 17
Air date 12 July 1994
Written by Jarrad Waite (as Wait)

Judd Lynn Seth Walther Will Fouracres

Directed by Mike Smith
Episode Guide
The Survival Of Ernief
Babbon And Sqatt Price

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