Plot Edit

Babbon & Sqatt Steals Some Slime From A Lake And They Shoot It At Tommy They Finaly Get The Location Of The Base But They Are Destroyed By The Ultra Zord Just In Time

Transcript Edit

Goldar zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Babbon Goldars Alseep

Sqatt I Have A Plan

Babbon So This Slime Will Allow Us To Track Anyone

Sqatt Yep We'll Use It On The Green Ranger


Jason Take It Easy Tommy

Sqatt (outside the juice bar) Now We Wait For Tommy

Tommy Ugh Eongh Im Going



Sqatt Fool That Got It

Tommy Ugh Ive Had Eongh

Babbon Goldar Look

Goldar Wat

Babbon Wth This We Have The Location Of Base Tommys Goin Into The Base

Goldar Finaly U 2 Did Something Right

Babbon Now Wat

Goldar Head After Thew Base And We'll Destroy Zordon

Babbon Yes The Rangers Are Doomed

Tommy Zordon Why The Fuck Did U Call Me Here

Zordon IU Must Go After The Ultra Zord

Tommy Why That Hasnt Been Heard From Since We Left MMPR The Frist Time

Zordon Yes IK But Getting It Bak Will Help Us Destroy Goldars Forces

Tommy kk Im Ugh No Im Off Green Power

Babbon Theres The Base Lets Go And Destroy It

Jason Whos That

Kim 2 Dicks

Jason Its Morphin Time

Sqatt U Fools

Jason Saber Strike


Babbon Sabers Are So Pathetic

Kim Final Cann


Sqatt Lets Defeat Them Siuper Slash


(The 5 Unmorph)

Babbon We Have The Location Of The Command Center Now Lets Head After It

Tommy Oh Right Im Here


Tommy Uh Oh

Sqatt Hello Zordon

Zordon Babbon & Sqatt The Dimmwits Of The Crew Why Are U Here

Sqatt Nothing Really Just To Crash U


(the 2 Fall Outside)

Tommy Hey U 2

Sqatt & Babbon Uh Oh Fuck


Goldar Yes Ther Gone Now To Wait For Zedd

The End

Babbon And Sqatt Price
Season 1, Episode 18
Air date 19 July 1994
Written by Ernief & Judd Lynn
Directed by Peter Salmon
Episode Guide
Attacking Finster
Goldar Returns

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