Plot Edit

Ransik Arrives In 2001 Where He Has His Own Base The 4 Rangers Follow (Lweaving Alewx Behinde Of His Foolishness And They Meat Up Wth Wes They Give Him Hes Morpher And They Destroy Ransiks Warrior

Transcript Edit

(Ransik Escapes Wth His Minuns)

Jen No

Katie Oh Shit

Curcit Piggybak

Trip No Time

Jen Give Me Ur Fucking Mor[her My Sily Old Boyfriend

Alex Make Me

Jen kk (Snaps His Hand Gets The Morpher) Byer Bye fool


Alex Shit My Hand Hurts

Ransik Yes Weve Arrived At This Bullshit Contrey

Police hey u nigga

Ransik I Am Not Racsewt U Freaking Moron

Police yes u r

Ransik Bullshit

Jen Weve Arrived

Katie Cool

Lucas YeaWeere In 2001 We Will Meat Up Wth wes Ya

Jen Stop Being a idiot and Fucking around

Ransik Chrono Warrior

CW Yes

Ransik Destroy The Rangers

CW Yes Mother Fucker

Jen Weve Gotta Find Wes

Wes im here yotta

Jen Wtf Heres Ur Morpjher

Wes Cool Thanxs

CW Yes Im Here

Jen Shit Its

Wes Time For Time Force

CW Well Well Well

Wes Chrno Saber


CW Impossanble-


Ransik Nadira GTFoutta My Site

Nadira y


Wes I Still Got The Old Place So Yea

Jen Cool

Lucas Yay 2001 Is Awesomer Than Tis shit Land Were Living It At The Moment

Jen Rlly?

Wes ?

Lucas :P

Jen U r So Immature Lucas

Lucas Invisable Yus I Am

The End

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The Clocktower
Air date 6 Feb 2001
Written by User:Planet awesome

User:Westen Guy

Directed by User:Ernief0000
Episode Guide
The Time Force Comes
Wes's Engmeants

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