Plot Edit

Dr K Upgrades The Energey Saber As Restra Sends The Dommation Warrior Who Steals The Gold Rangers Morphing Power Meanwhile Tenya Attacks The Black Ranger After Finding Out His Her Brother

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Air date 5 November 2009
Written by User:Swap29


Directed by User:Stranger26
Episode Guide
The Shiffter Program (Episode)
A Viros To Watch For


Restra Since Shiffter & Tream r Gione I Only Have U Killbotye

Killbotye Yes Sir

Restra Dommation Warrior This Warrior Can Steal Any Ones Morphing Power Go And Steal 1 Of The Rangers And Do Not Come Back Wth 0

Dommation Warrior Yes Master

Dr K Im Upgradeing This Saber So U Can Destroy The Warriors Easyley

Scott kkk

Venjix Its Good Thatr Ive Got This DNA Now To Go Back To My Palace

Scott Gem Gemma Weve Gotta Stay More Foicus On The Task

Gem y

Scott Becos The Warriors Can Be Strong

Gem kkk

Dommation Warrior Laughs Foolish Humans Its Time

Scott A Attack

CMT Ur Not Going Anywhere

Dillon Oh Great Its Nigga Face

CMT Call Me A Nigga Again And Il Bash Ur Skin

Dillon RPM Mode Were Here

Dommatioon Warrior Ahhh The Power Rangers

Dillon Ur Going Down

Dommation Warrior Yea Right

Dillon Sorwad Cannon


Dommation Warrior This Is Weak




(The Rangers Unmorph)

Ziggy Shit

Dr K Ya


(The 7 Telport)

Restra U Did Ur Part

Dommation Warrior Thanks Master

Killbotye But Ther Not Destroyed

Dommation Warrior Oh No Ther Red Ranger Has A Chip On Him

Killboitye And It Will Lead

Restra Us To Ther Base Wth Shiffter Gone I Cant Find Ther Base Anymore

Killbotye Yes He Got Destroyed

scott Guys Itch My Butt

Ziggy No Way



Scott Ugh

Killbotye What Weve Lost Location U Fiool

Dommation Warrior Im Sorry Master4

Restra Get Down To The Planet And Destroy The Fuckheads

Dr K U Had A Bug YThere

Scott Shit Thanks Dr K-

Dr K A Attack U Guys Go

Dommation Warrior I Will Destrioy U Morons

Scott Sorwad Cannon Level Mode

Gem & Gemma Cycle


Dommation Warrior Ha


(The 7 Unmorph)


Gem Wow Yes Tyhe Energey Saber Fire


Doimmation Laughs Ur Still Weak I Am Invisable

Gem Yea Ur Not Even Tough Split Strikers




Dommation Ugh...Laughs (Grows) Meet Ur End

Gem Lets Get This Over Wth Quickley Toxic Megazord Legendary Cannon


Dommation Warrior Impossable-


Gem awww Yea

Restra Killbotye That Warrior Was Weak I Need More Plans If The Rangers r 2 Be Destroyed

Killbotye Yes Sirrer

Dr K Well Did U Like It

Scott Um Yea It Was kkk

The End

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