Plot Edit

TJ And The Others (expect Andros) Are Captured By Darkonda Andros Goes On A Quest To Get The Armmor Power So He Can Obtain A Battleizer

Triva Edit

The Frist Time Since The King Of The Manchine Empire Part 2 That A samlier Item Can Be Seen Plus Darkonda Now Has 6 Lives

Transcript Edit

Carlos Give Up Darkonda

Darkonda Never

Carlos Trydo Cannon


Darkonda Ha


Zhane Huh Where Are We

Darkonda In My Trap Call The Red Ranger And Tell Him To Meat U At This Trap

Zhane No

Darkonda Then Be Destroyed

Zhane fine Andros Were At The Warehouse

Darkonda Foolish Rangers

Zhane Now Wat

Darkonda We Wait For The Destroction Of Red Ranger

Andros So Its Supses To Be In Here Were In Here


Darkonda Yers Now Il Finsh The Others

Astromea So Darkonda Has The 5 Rangers There Fool

Elicpter Darkonda Has Destroyed The Red Ranger

Astromea Yes So Lerts Destroy The Rest

Zhane U Wont Get Away Wth This

Darkonda Fool I Alreddy Have

TJ I Wish Andros Was Here To See This

Darkonda Well Red Ranger Isnt

TJ Oh Man

Andros Wheres the Armor

Armor Right Here Red Ranger

Andros Yews I Shall Take It

Darkonda Fools Ther History Now

Cassie Uh Oh

Andros U

Darkonda Watr But I KABOOMED U

Andros No And Battleizer Reeddy

Darkonda Fuck

Andros Yea Ur Done For

Darkonda Uh Oh

Andros Battleizer Wing Strike


Darkonda Ugh

Andros Guys Ur Free

Zhane Lets Do It Silver Power

Darkonda Ugh

TJ Trydo Cannon


Darkonda Utgh Useless Weapon


TJ Andros Use Ur Power

Andros Yes Aggred Milles

Darkonda Fork U


Darkonda Ugh-


Astromea Yes Uh Oh

Darkonda (Grows Big) Face Me Rangers

TJSilver Line Megazoird

Andros Hammer Punch


TJ Bullzooka


Darkonda Pathetic........Rangers U Shall Be Destroyed

TJ Ugh Saber Strike


Darkonda Fools


Elicpter Ahhh Yes Darkonda Is Being A idiot

TJ Ugh How

Deca Rangers Combind The Milles Wth The Saber

TJ Milles Saber

Andros Fuck

Darkonda Watts That Gonna Do

TJ This Strike


Darkonda Rangers U Will Be Destroyed-


Elicpter Thats Another Life Down For Darkonda

Astromea Good

Andros I Faked The Kaboom Bullfuckingshit

TJ Rlly

Zhane Yes He Did He Was Being A IDIOT

Deca A Big One Or A Little One

Zhane Hudge One

Deca kk

The End

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Season {{{season}}}, Episode {{{number}}}
Air date 17 September 1998
Written by User:Stranger26
Directed by User:Westen Guy
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Zhanes Entrance
The ArmmorOf Sparro

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