Plot Edit

Mondo (the king f the manchine empire) Sends Manchine Dog He Defeats The Rangers Till They Gain Ther Weapons Also Zordon Gives Tommy A Sorwad The Zeo Shinng Sorwad And They Take Down The Warrior

Transcript Edit

Klank Master The 1st Warrior Was Defeated By The 5th Zeo Ranger

Mondo Dickhead That Warrior Was A Peace Of Shit

Sprocket Wat Abut The rangers

Mondo anchinre Dog Destroy The Rangers

MD At Ur Serves

Zordon No Billy Ur Not A Ranger Anymore

Billy Yes IK But

Zordon Nope Rangers A Attack

Tommy Lets Go Zeo Power

Tommy Um Wheres The Warrior

MD Right Here


Tommy Ugh Poqwer Kick


MD Boo Hoo Hoo Ranger Ur History

Tommy No U Are


Zordon Rangers Its Time For Ur Weapons

Tommy Aggred

MD Is That Zordon The Old Poot

Tommy So Watts Our Weapons

Zordon Tommy Shinng Saber Tanya Power Sorwad Adam Ultra Bow Rocky Power Hammer & Kat Power Gun Use Em

Tommy Shinng Sorwad


Mondo Fool Someone Do Something Abut These Rangers

The End

Bring On The Zeo Rangers
Season 4, Episode 78
Air date 19 Feb 1996
Written by Judd Lynn

Ash Cordmire

Directed by User:Sci100
Episode Guide
The Zeo Comes
Zeo Power

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