Plot Edit

Scott Is Kiddnapped By Venjixs Warrior He Takes Him To Venjix Who Trys To Hack Scotts Morpher Meanwhile Shiffter & Killbotye Kiddnapp Gem & Gemma And Get Ther Morphers Off Them

Transcript Edit

Venjix Your All Weak No One Could Destroy The 5 Rangers And The Silver & Gold Rangers r Still Out There Shiffter Killbotye U 2 Will Destroy Get The Gold & Silver Rangers For Me Or U Will Die

Killbotye Yes Sir

Scott Wtf Has Happened To My Fucking Car


Dr K (Shes In The Car Doing Burnouts)

Scott That Is Off Fucking Limits

Dr K But But But

Scott No Butts Off Fucking Limts

Gem Quick Lets Run

Gemma Wtf Is This


Shiffter Ur End

Gem Gold Power

Gemma Silver Power

Shiffter Ur Pitty Weapons r Weak

Gemma Were Not Gonna Let U Get Away Wth It

Killbotye 2 Late



Gem Ugh

Gemma No

Killbotye Weaklings Now Well Take Em To Master Venjix

Venjix You've Returned

Killbotye Yes My Master Weve Got The Weaklings

Gem Uh

Gemma Uh

Shiffter Now U Will Promote Me To General

Venjix Your Alreddy Idiot

Shiffter Yes

Scott Sersley

Dr K Yes




Reamation I'm Ur End


Scott Were Here Ur Going Down

Resation Laughs Ur All Weak Prepper To Mweet Ur Doom

Scott Letrs Fuck This Up Sorwad Cannon


Resation Weak-


Venjix That Warrior Was Weak No Bother Growing Him

Shiffter And Now Weve Got These Dickheads

Gemma Let Us Go

Shiffter No

Gem Ugh What r You Going To Do Wth Us

Shiffter This

(They Take The Morphers Off Them)

The End/To Be Contied

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Air date 21 August 2009
Written by User:Awesome Fun


Directed by User:Stranger26
Episode Guide
The Power Lies....
Gold Alreat

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