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Casey Starts To Ware His Morpher Glasses All The Time And Bees A Fool He Then Gets Girls And Goes Into A Strip Club And Yeah All That BS

Triva Edit

Jungle Fury Episode

The Title Is Based Off A 1970s/80s Band KC And The Sunshine Band

Transcript Edit

Casey Ahhh Hey RJ Look At Me

RJ Yes What Fucking Why Are You Wareing Your Sun Glasses In Here Its No Hero Time

Casey But But But

RJ No Butts Take Em Off

Casey Why

RJ Because Someone Will Know Your A Ranger And (Casey Thinks Off Himself Being Alice Cooper)

Casey What

RJ You Dint Listen

Casey Um Yeah I Was Thinking About Alice Copper

RJ Ugh Whatever

Casey Gotta Go To The Strip Club And (Goes Into There And Vomits) Ugh S**T

RJ Ugh Casey & The Sunnies

The End

Casey And The Sunnies
Season 1, Episode 10
Rj Telling Casey To Stop Being A Dick
Air date 16 September 2017
Written by User:Swap29
Directed by User:Swap29
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