Plot Edit

Charmcaster Finaly Finds Her Real Father......BoubleHelmet

Charcters Edit





Villians Edit

Charmcaster (Flashback & Present)


Bubble Helmet

Adwaita (Flashback)

Rock Monsters

Hex (Flashback Cameo)


Aliens Used By Ben Edit

Spellthrick (3x 1st Going For Eatell 2nd Going For Big Chill)


Triva Edit

Spellthrick Makes His Frist Apprence In The Entire Franchies

Charmcaster & The Rock Monsters Adwaita Hex Spell Binder Dagon & Bubblehelmet All Make Ther Dubet In This Ep

Hex & Adwaita Only Appre In A Flashback thought

Transcript Edit

(In Gwes Home)

Gwen I Wonder Hows Charmcaster Doing

Ben No One Gives A crap About Her She Nearly Killed Us

Kevin Yeah 69 Times

Ben Oh

Gwen Well fuck it I'm Going

(She Goes To The Door)

Ben So...How Do We Open This Thing

Kevin Smack It (Kevin Smacks It)

Ben Ahem That Din't Work

Kevin What If We Piss On It

Gwen No

Ben Ugh Fuck It Eatell Will Open This

(Ben Turns Into A Alien)

Spellthrick Wtf

Gwen That Alien Is So Retarted

Spellthrick Not My Fault

(Door Opens)

Kevin How tf Did That Open

(The 4 Wallk In)

Rook We Must Be Preppered

Gwen Fuck that

Spellthrick Lol Good 1

(In Another Part Of Legerdomain Charmcaster Is Laying On Her Bed

Charmcaster Fools I Cant Wait To Kick Gwens Ass

Spellbinder Well Ther Here

Charmcaster Lets Destroy Them

Spellbinder Aggred

(Meanwhile The 4 Are Wallking They See BubbleHelmet)

Spellthrick How Did He Get Here

Rook Hes Going Down (Shoots BubbleHelmet)

BubbleHelmet Ugh...Curse You Tennyson

Sperllthrick Whatever Man

Rook Yeah

Kevin Hey Guys Something Smells Like Bath Here

Rook That Would Be You

Spellbinder Fools I'm Spellbinder The King Of This Land You Guys Are Not Welcomed Here At All

Gwen The Ball

(Gwen Dreams Of Having Sex With Someone At The Ball)

Spellbinder No You Dick Get Out Or Il Have My Daughter Destroy You

(Charmcaster Appres)

Charmcaster Ello Gwen I Havent Seen You Since 1974

Gwen Oh Shit Its A Brat

Charmcaster I'm Going To Kill You (Shoots Gwen Rook Blastes Her Boobs) Ugh Shit My Boobs Hurt


Spellthrick So Wtf Dose This Alien Do Expect Open A Invisable Door

Rook Be A Retart

(Spellthrick Turns Back)

Ben Oh Shit

Charmcaster Fatha Can I Destroy Ben

Spellbinder No Leave Tennyson To Me

Ben Ok Old Man

Spellbinder Wanna Listen To Annie Lennox Ive Got Her Albin

Ben No Thanks

Spellbinder Now Your In My Dommain

Ben Not If Big Chill Has Anything To Say About That

Spellthrick Not Again Fucking Useless

Spellbinder A Magicoray Ther The Most Powerfulest Magic Users In The Universe

Spellthrick Thanks For The Info You Dork

Spellbinder But I'm More Powerful (Trows A Spell At Spellthrick Spellthrick Makes A Sherid)

Spellthrick Wow Fuck Just Like Gwen

Spellbinder Magic Dust Make Them Disappre

Rook I Don't Think So Sir

Spellbindef Get Fucked


(The 4 Fall Down)

Spellbinder Lets Go

(The 4 Land Up In Legerdomains Tip)

Ben Oh Fuck Hes Strong As Shit

Rook We Must Get Beer

Gwen No We Gotta Find BubbleHelmet

Kevin Nah I Gotta Itch My Jacks Crackers (Itchs His Balls)

Ben You Are So Revolting

(The 4 Wallk The Line)

Rook So How Long Do We Wallk This Line

BubbleDelmet Them Fools The Stone Cretures Are Under My Contral MAWAWAWAWA I'm Actley Charmcasters Real Father

Rook Oh Shit His Charmcasters Real Father

Spellbinder Them Tools Wont Know Whatts Coming To Them

Charmcaster I Wanna Destroy Ben

Spellbinder No Tennysons Mine Hes Got The Powerfulest Magic User In His Omnitrix Once I Get Its Power I Will Become Powerful

Charmcaster But What About Me

Spellbinder No Your Weak (Pushs Her) Now Outta My Way)

(The 4 Go To BubbleHelmet)

Ben So Your Charmcasters Real Father

BubbleHelmet Yes

Ben Oh

Spellbinder No His Not (Destroys BubbleHelmet) I'm Her Father Ben Give Me The Magic Alien

Ben What This (Turns Into Spellthrick)

Spellthrick Your Going Down (Traps Spellbinder In A Glob Then Spellbinder Breaks Free)

Spellbinder Don't Think So Fool (Trows A Magic Fireball At Spellthrick Spellthrick Turns Into A Ball And Gwen Chucks It at Spellbinder Spellbinder Vomits All Over Gwen & Spellthrick) Ugh Shit Fools Prepper To Meat My Ultimate Form

(Spellbinder Goes Ultimate Spellbinder)

Ultimate Spellbinder I Am

Dagion Shut Up

Spellthrick Oh Shit

(He Turns Back)

Ben Dagion

Charmcaster Dagion Give Me More Power So I Can Wipe My Father Out

Dagion No I Don't Think So But (Grabs Her) You Will Still Be Use To Me (Destroys Her)

Spellbinder Thanks My Lord

Ben Your Lord? He Just Killed Your Daughter

Spellbinder This Is None Of Your Bussness Tennyson So Fucking Put Your Cock Out Of My Busswax

Dagion Ben Go Get Out Of Legerdomain

Spellbinder Yes Aggred

Ben No (Turns Into Wildmutt Runs Up And Bits Dagion Hes Heart Falls Spellbinder Grabs It And Becomes Spelldragon Spelldragon Blasts Wildmutt He Turns Back) Go

Ben Lets Go Guys

(The 4 Run They See The Door And They Go Thought It)

Gwen oyrifiyftiyougyitify

(The Door Closes Spelldragon Is Trapped There)

Spelldragon Shit How Am I Gonna See My Uncules Now


Ben Wow That Was Just Eh

Kevin Aggred

The End

Charmcasters Real Father
Season 1, Episode 6
Dagion Returns (The 3 Guys ben Spellbinder & Charmcaster Look Up At Him)
Air date 4 March 2017
Written by User:Summer Lover 3

User:Laid Power User:Swap29

Directed by User:Dreammaker 34
Episode Guide
The Vreedles Do Not Know How To Live
Azmuths Beard Comes Alive

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