Plot Edit

Chase Uses His Lucky Coin To Much And Looses It Down The Drain He Gets Sad & Mad & Triggered (ya know All That) While Zenowing Trys To Regain Contral Over Doomwing But Cant

Triva Edit

The Vivix Are Destroyed In This Ep And Replaced By Arcannon Vivix Witch Is Really Super Vivix

Transcript Edit

(In Lord Arcannons Ship)

Lord Arcannon Doomwing You Have The Silver Ranger In You Like That Cursed Fuckhead

Doomwing Yes Arcannon That Moron Is In Me

Lord Arcannon Now You Must Destroy The Rangers (Keeps Tallking)

Doomwing Ugh...Shit No-


Zenowing I'm Back Yes I'm Finaly Gainng Con- Ugh Shit


Doomwing Not This Time Sucker You Will Suffer Lord Arcannons Wrath If You Do That Again

(In The Dino Base)

Keeper So Doomwing Tricked You Again And Stole Your Zord Data

Tyler Yes It Was Dumb To Do That Kendall

Kendall Like I Din't Know

Tyler Well You Should Of Anyways Who Wants Pizza Got 5 Bucks

Keeper I Would Like Some Tyler

(Tyler Wallks Into Porn Pizza And Gets Spicy Girls On Pizza Comes Back With It)

Keeper Lets Ea- Oh Fuck TYLER What The Fuq Is This

Tyler Its Girls On Pizza :P

(Doomwing Attacks The City)

Doomwing Il Make Ugh-


Zenowing Doomwing I'm Not Baling Down To Arcannons Dick


Doomwing Yes You Are Zenofreak


Zenowing Make Me


Doomwing Ok

Tyler Were Here Doomwing I Should Of Know

Doomwing Ahhh Yes Red Fucker Its Time

Tyler Yeah Time To Stop

Doomwing No Time To Be Destroyed



(In The Dino Base)

Keeper Rangers Doomwing Has Attacked Tyler

Koda We Gotta Stop Doomwing Dino Destroction


(Keeper Kicks Koda)

(In The City)

Tyler Ugh

Doomwing Il Fucking- Ugh Shit


Zenowing Wow Its The Red Ranger

Tyler Who The Fuck Are You

Zenowing Zenowing Lord Arcannon Forced Me To Touch The Dark Energem

(12 Years Ago)

Zenowing No I Wont Touch That Dark Shit Of Yours

Lord Arcannon Oh Yes You Will

(Zenowing Touchs It)

Lord Arcannon Now Doomwing Come

Doomwing Yes Master Its A Pluser To Be On Your Side

Lord Arcannon Yes It Is


Tyler So That's What Happend

Zenowing Yes Ugh-


Doomwing Ignore That Stupid Bird I Will Tell You The Real Truth

(10 Years Ago)

Doomwing Here Zenowing Eat This Drug

(Zenowing Eats It He Goes All Dizzy And Doomwing Jumps In Him)

Doomwing Sucker


Tyler That Storys BS

Doomwing Fine Don't Belive Me I'm Not The One Whos Going To be Fucking Dumb

Tyler Dino Charger 88 Dino Ultra Mode Dino Max Strike



Doomwing Ugh....No (Retreats)

Tyler Chicken

(In Lord Arcannons Ship)

Lord Arcannon Yes These Arcannon Gards Are Much More Powerful Than These Spikeballs (Destroys 1)

Doomwing Arcannon Ive Returned

Lord Arcannon Ahh You Return Did You Defeat All 9 Rangers

Doomwing No

Lord Arcannon (Poos) Eat It

Doomwing I'm Not Eating That Shit

Lord Arcannon eat It Now

(Doomwing Eats It)

Lord Arcannon How Does It Feel

Doomwing Yuck

Lord Arcannon Say Yum Or I Will Turn You Into Dust

Doomwing Its Yum Sirrer

Singe mmmm Doomwings Eating Arcannons Shit I Will Not Eat That Poo Arcannon Will Bal Down To My Dick

(In The Dino Base)

Tyler So Doomwing Has Another Being In Him

Kendall You mean Doomwing Has A Being In Him

Tyler Yes

Kendall Who?

Tyler Zenowing

Chase Hey Tyler Gess What No One Gives A Fuck

Tyler Ugh Why Are You Being So Lazy

Riley Because Tyler We Don't Care

Tyler Oh Ok

(Zenowing Is In The City)

Zenowing Oh Shit No-


Doomwing Stupid World

Tyler Oi

Doomwing Ahhh Red Ranger

Ivan That's Not All

Tyler Ivan I Knew You Would Come Clean

Ivan Yes (Takes Back Pills And Morphs Tyler Goes Dino Ultra Fang Mode And Strikes Doomwing)

Doomwing Ugh

Tyler Lets Take This Uptown Dino Ultra Fan Mode Strike




Doomwing Laughs....Fools

Tyler Gasp

Doomwing Tastle My Blast




(Tyler & Ivan Unmorph The Others Arrive)

Doomwing Oh So You Guys Arrive

Koda Yeah To Shut You Up Dino Ultramate Cannon Blast




Doomwing Ugh....I'm Going SpratJump Handle These Pesks

SpratJump Yes Doomwing

(Doomwing Retreats)

Koda Ok Dino Charger 26 Dino Cycle


SpratJump Ugh...No

Tyler Don't Worry Where Not Done Yet

SpratJump GGGGGG

Tyler Dino Cannon Super Charger Dino Super Charger Cannon Strike



Lord Arcannon You Failed Again Fire The Arcannon Projecter

Fury Yes Sir (Fires It SpratJump Grows)

SpratJump Now Lets Fuck This City Up

Tyler No

SpratJump You Rangers Are Annoying

Tyler Your The Only One That's Annoying Ultramate Saber

SpratJump Oh Shit

Tyler Ultramate Saber Turn Into Sharpe Mode Ultra Sharpe Saber Slash


SpratJump No-


Tyler Yeah Dino Rangers Rule

(In Lord Arcannons Ship)

Lord Arcannon You Failed Once Again Doomwing But Zenowing Is Still In You

Doomwing Yes Aggred I Need One More Chance

Lord Arcannon No I Don't Think So (Takes The Silver Energem Off Doomwing) Untill You Can Beat All 10 Rangers Il Give You This Back

Doomwing Yes Sir

(In The Dino Base)

Keeper Guys Weve Gotta Rescue Zenowing He Was My Friend

(60 Years Ago)

Zenowing Hey Keeper Remember Sledge

Keeper Yes-




Lord Arcannon Fool Il Take The Bird (Kiddnappes The Bird)

Keeper No


Keeper And Kendall Has Made The Splitamitters

Kendall Yep (Shows Em) Now Lets Use Em

The End

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Air date 7 October 2016
Written by User:Lsvel
Directed by User:As I Return
Episode Guide
The Arrival Of Lord Arcannon
The Bird Fight

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