Plot Edit

Kamdor Sends Miratrix To Get the 5th Gem While The Rangers Battle Moltor For The Crown

Transcript Edit

Kamdor U r Such A fool U Failed Me Lots Of Times The Mercey Rangers Girlriend Is In Moltors Hands


Mira Yes Sir

Kamdor This Is Ur Final Chance Numskull

Mira Yes Sir

Andrew Rangers its time

Mack What For

Andrew Get The Crown

Moltor YTes The Mercey Rangers Girlriend is Mine

Vella no

Moltor (Pulls Blade Near Vella) Ur Weak

Crock Warrior Il Handle The Rangers

Moltor Go

Andrew Spencer Update Of Tat Last Megazord

Spencer Thats Destroyed

CW Yes Humans r So Weak

Tyzonn A Attack

CW U Fools

Tyzonn Mercey B;lade


Norg Laughs




Norg Crock

CW Norg U Fool


Mack Guys Spin Mode

CW What

Mack Spin Strike


CW Back At U


(The 6 Unmorph)

CW Ur All Fools

Mack Ugh

CW Yes Now Il ust Finsh u

Kamdor Go Now

Mira Yes

Moltor What My Warrior Yes He Shall Destroy The Rangers


CW Thats Eongh

Tyzonn Mercey Blade

CW Meercey Destroction


Tyzonn Ugh

CW Yes ow The World

Mira Huh Im Here Yes The Crowns In There Soon

Moltor Larvas Help The Moron

CW Yes Its The End

Mack Cannon


(The 6 Unmorph Again)

Miratriux Yes Finaly


Moltor Ahhh A Introder Il Strike U Down

To Be Contined

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Air date 14 October 2007
Written by User:Migster7/User:Solo28
Directed by User:Brianultimatedragon
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