Plot Edit

Divatox Fires At The Command Center As She Has Destroyed Angel rove But The Blue Sertina Is Destroyed When He Takes A Hit For Justin

Transcript Edit

Divatox YesRangers Rangers On The Ground

BS Wat Are We Going To Do

Dimatra U Must Stay Here

Divatox Hahahaha

TJ Orb Mode

Divatox Il Fire At This




Divatox Yes Ur History

Pry 2 Blue Rangers Mine


BS Ugh-


Divatox Oh How Fun 2 Rangers Gone 5 More To Go

TJ Uh Oh Trouble

Pry 3 Hey Angel Grove Ur Done For


TJ Uh Oh

Divatox Now Lets Aim For The Command Center

To Be Continerd.....

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Air date 4 December 1997
Written by User:Echoson

User:Migster7 User:NickFusi0n

Directed by User:SubZero309
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Powers Of Oz
Ending The Line Part 1

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