Plot Edit

Trent Defeats The Rangers Once Again Mesogog Relives To be trents foolish Father When He Goes In A rm Trent & Mesogos Forces Celbrate The Victory Over The DT Rangers

Transcript Edit

Trent Fools they r Shitting Me

Conner Hey Look Guys

Tommy Guys Stop Fooling Around

Hayley Tommy I Think Its Time


Trent Again Lets Battle

Conner Oh Ur On Lets Go

Conner Were Here

Trent Ahhh Yes Uve Arrived

Tommy Eongh Trent We Know Its U

Trent Shutup Old Man Feel My Saber

Tommy No U Feel Mine

Trent Oh Ur On




(Fires Around The Area)

Tommy Saber




Trent Now U 3 Will Feel Some Zord Power

Tommy ugh No They6 Wont

Trent Shut It Old Man


Trent White Megazord

Conner Golf Megazord Rade Hammer

Trent Ur Rade Hammer Is Pathetic

Conner No Slash


Trent Yes It Is


Conner ugh

Trent Your Weak And Pathetic

Conner Ugh His Too Powerful

Ethan We Need Something To Defeat This Poza

Zeltrax Dr Oz Kick

Tommy U Stop It Ur Going Down

Zeltrax No I Arent I Have Just Begun

Conner Ugh

Trent What A Moron The Red Ranger Is


(The Golf Megazord Is Destroyed)

Tommy No

Trent Stay Bak Old Poot

Tommy Fuk off

Trent U Fuck Off Ur 3 Stuidents r Weak

Tommy So r U

Trent Eongh

Anton Trent wheres ugh No Ugh Yes

Mesogog Fool Trent Is A idiot

Trent Il Be Bak Another Day To Finsh U Dr O

Zeltrax Rasier Destroy These bastards

Rasier I Was Born To Destroy these fools

Zeltrax Goodbye

(Trent & Zeltrax Leave)

Rasier Times Up

Coinner This Guys Mine Super Dino Mode Strike


Rasier No-


(Mesogog Poops)

Mesogog I Expect That Cleaned Up (Breaths) FIRE AWAY

Rasier Yes

Conner Rade Hammer


Rasier The White Dino Gem Will Be Destroyed Well Will Be Mesogogs-


Elsa Haha

Zeltrax (Cleainng the poo) It Stinks

Elsa IDC

Zeltrax Good

Trent Haha ContineCleainng that Shit Zely Ur Days Are Amost Over Of Being King And Mine Have Just Begun

Zeltrax Never

Trent We'll Have A Battle To See Whos More Powerfuler

Zeltrax Yes Aggred

The End

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Air date 27 August 2004
Written by User:My Return Comes Back
Directed by User:Again Im Back
Episode Guide
The White Fight
Key To The Good Side

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