Plot Edit

Mavro Sends Damaras Down He Defeats 4 Rangers And Captures Troy Leaving It To Orion To Stop Him

Triva Edit

Damaras & The Kingsmen Are Destroyed In This Ep Making It Ther Final Apprence

Transcript Edit

(On Earth)

Mavro Ugh That Silver Ranger Destroyed Our Ship

Levira Yes He Was A Fool

Mavro No Matter Yellzor Was Weak Anyways 2

Levira Now What

Mavro Damaras Destroy That Silver Fucker Make Him Pay Kingsmen Go With Him

Kingsmen 2 Aggred

(The Rangers Are Fighting Xborgs & Brusies)

Troy Shut Your Mouth Up

(Troy Strikes The Minuns)

Troy Fuck Yeah

Orion Legendary Cannon




Orion Aww Yeah

(The Rangers Go To Class)

Troy Hey Mr Burley Why Is Your Face Always Gay

Mr Burley What

Orion Sersley

Mr Burley OUT

(Troy & Orion F**K Off)

(They Wallk To Ernies)

Troy So Lets Do That Again

Orion Troy Stop Being A Luntick

Troy But Wasn't That Fun

Orion No

Troy :(

Orion :)

Troy :(

Orion :)

Troy Ugh

(The City Is Attacked By Kingsmen The 4 Rangers Arrive)

Jake Kingsmen Not A Promblen

Damaras Actley They Are Cos Of Me

Jake Who The Fuck Are You

Damaras I Am Damaras The Lord General Of Mavro That Stupid Vekar Was A Fool He Was A Weakling

Jake Yeah And You'lle Just Be Like Him (Charges Up But Is Wacked By The Kingsmen Who Protecked Damaras)

Damaras Now I'm Going To Show You Real Power

Jake Uh Oh Here It Comes

Damaras Yes Rage Blast




(The Rangers Unmorph)

Orion Were Here

Troy Oh Fuck Were 2 Late

Orion That's It Super Force Mode Silver Legendary Gold RPM Ranger

(He Slashs Damaras Damaras Uses The Rage Blast And Orion Falls)

Orion Ugh

Damaras You Rangers Are Weak Il Capturer You Troy

Troy Oh Shit


(Troy Wakes Up In The Woods Tied To A Tree)

Damaras Prepper For The Cannon His Awake Say Goodbye Troy

Gosei So Basciley Troy Got Captured And Your 2 Lazy And Yeah That's All

Emma Yeah He Was Tough

Gia And Strong

Jake I Have A Sexy Plan

Damaras Oh No Rangers Your Cock Does Surrdiner Your Modes To Me I Will Be Invisable With Them Give Me The Legendary Modes All Of Em Includeing Your Power Up Modes Other Wise The Kingsmen Cut Troy In Half

Troy Don't Do It

Gosei Go Rangers

(The 5 Rush Ther To The City)

Damaras Hello Fools

Orion Let Troy Go

Damaras The Modes

Orion Ok We'll Give You Them Legendary Force Mode (Runs Up And Is Slashed By Damaras)

Damaras Kill Him

(The Kingsmen Rasie Ther Weapons About To Kill Troy Emma Shoots Both Of Em And Rescues Troy)

Troy Ok Now These 3 Are Dead

Damaras Morons (Slashs The 4)

Orion Ugh

Damaras Rage Blast

Troy I Wanna Try Something Legendary Force Mode Super Cannon





(Damaras Falls)

Damaras Ugh....Shit My Rage Power Its Gone

Troy And So Are You Legendary Blast



Damaras Ugh-


Levira Silly Fool Saterflection Beem

(Damaras Grows)

Damaras Now Whos In Trouble

Orion Thunderbolt Megazord Thunder Saber


Damaras Ugh....I Will Destroy You Kingsmen Enlarge

(The Kingsmen Grow)

Kingsmen 2 His Head Is Mine

Damaras Lets Get Em

Orion ThunderSuperBolt Megazord Super Strike


Damaras Ha

(The Kingsmen Fall Down And Crash)

Orion Now Its Your Turn Thunder Sorwad Strike


Damaras No-


Orion Yeah History

Mavro Useless Damaras And You Levira Your Next

Levira Yes Sir

Orion Lets Go See The samurai Rangers Rock On Stage

Troy No

Gosei Why Not

Troy Cos There Assholes

Gosei Fuck Off I'm Coming 2 This Time

(The 8 Go To The Stage And Tensou Bees A Wanker)

Tensou Wait What If I Pulled This Thing YA

(He Pulls His Penis Off And It Hurts)


The End

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Air date 10 November 2014
Written by User:Swap29

User:Death88 User:Letter guy User:Ernief0000

Directed by User:Stranger26
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